Equality and inclusion

Steering group

The School of Medicine established the Athena Swan Steering Group in 2010 to oversee the self-assessment process associated with the Athena Swan application. The committee is purposefully comprised of men and women who represent a cross section of staff and seniority. In addition, the Steering Group receive advice and support from the Equality Policy Unit.

Aims of the Steering Group:

  1. Lead and coordinate the School of Medicine’s approach to identifying and addressing barriers faced by staff and students regardless of gender, to support them to achieve their full potential.
  2. Co-ordinate the planning necessary for the School of Medicine to submit Athena SWAN applications, through the necessary data collection, data analysis, development of action plans and beacon activity.
  3. Establish and oversee the work of appropriately constituted Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Teams (SATs) at Institute level that will report to the Athena SWAN Steering Group.
  4. Approve and monitor the implementation of approved Athena SWAN action plans, pre- and post-award, through the receipt of reports from Institute Senior Management Teams.
  5. Approve, subject to formal sign-off by the School of Medicine Executive, the final submission of Athena SWAN applications by the School of Medicine.
  6. Co-opt additional members as required in order to enable the Athena SWAN Steering Group to fulfil its remit.

School of Medicine Steering Group

The core members of the Steering Group are:


Role in the School

Gillian Booth

Operations Director, Leeds Institute of Clinical Trials Research

Louise Bryant

Associate Professor, Leeds Institute of Health Sciences (LIHS)

Richard Cubbon

Associate Professor, Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine

Helen Coop

Faculty Equality and Inclusion Project Officer

Georgina Davis

Research Programme Manager (Healthcare Associated Infection Research Group)

Samantha Guy

Faculty Deputy Head of HR, Faculty of Medicine and Health

Yasmin Hafiz

PA to the Dean of Medicine

Ann Henry

Associate Professor of Clinical Oncology, Leeds Institute of Cancer Studies & Pathology(LICAP)

Mike Horton

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Leeds Institute of Rheumatic & Musculoskeletal Medicine(LIRMM)

Pam Jones

Professor; Director, Leeds Institute of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences

Mark Kearney

Dean of the School of Medicine

Anne-Maree Keenan

Professor of Applied Health Science, Leeds Institute of Rheumatic & Musculoskeletal Medicine(LIRMM)

Kiran Khokhar

Clinical Research Fellow, Leeds Institute of Rheumatic & Musculoskeletal Medicine(LIRMM)

Helen Millott

Programme Lead Physician Associate Studies, LIME

Barbara McPherson

Teaching Fellow in Clinical Education

Rachel Murphy

Faculty Head of Human Resources

Gillian Neild

Faculty Head of Communications

Moira Pitt

Undergraduate Student Representative

Naomi Quinton

Lecturer, Leeds Institute of Medical Education(LIME)

Gurdeep Sagoo

Lecturer, Leeds Institute of Health Sciences (LIHS)

Heidi Siddle

Associate Professor and NIHR Senior Clinical Lecturer

Tom St David-Smith

Business Manager, Leeds Institute of Clinical Trials Research

Institute Self Assessment Teams

To ensure a broad cross-section of the School are actively involved in local Athena SWAN discussions, each Institute has their own Self-Assessment Team. Teams meet at least quarterly and report to the School of Medicine Steering Group.

The Institute Self-Assessment Teams have significantly increased the understanding of Athena SWAN principles across all staff and gender groups. Each Institute Self-Assessment Team has developed a working action plan which reflects the main themes of the School’s Action Plan, but also seeks to address the issues particular to their Institute.