Careers and employability

Your career as a sonographer

Medical ultrasound/sonography is an evolving, fast-moving profession, promising excellent long-term career opportunities for our graduates. You can apply for a sonographer post in the NHS or within private practice, with job opportunities in research, management and teaching too.

If you wish to continue your studies, you may undertake postgraduate study. This will help you specialise in more advanced techniques and become an enhanced, advanced or a consultant sonographer in the future.

Sonography is currently a postgraduate profession, which means that many sonographers are registed as radiographers with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) (given their original training is in Radiography). Graduates from our undergraduate Medical Ultrasound (Sonography) programme will not be eligible for HCPC registration but will be able to register as a sonographer with the Register of Clinical Technologists (RCT). Please note that some employers may not be willing to employ graduates without HCPC registration.

Find out more on the NHS employers website.

Please note that graduates will not be able to perform Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme (FASP) examinations independently upon qualifaction, in accordance with the Career and Progression Framework and the Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme (FASP) service specification.

In advance of starting our Medical Ultrasound (Sonography) course, it is good practice to familiarise yourself with the professional and regulatory bodies for sonographers:

Our University skills@library contains help and online resources to support our students to develop their academic skills. 

You don’t need to read any core texts beforehand, but the following books are useful for Year 1 study. However most of these will be available within the University so you do not necessarily have to purchase them. 

What is Leeds for Life?

Leeds for Life will prepare you for your future career in sonography in line with our University Values and Partnerships. A unique resource exclusively available to students at the University of Leeds, it aims to help you make the most out of your time here. 

Leeds for Life provides you with access to a range of opportunities, including volunteering and professional or research placements relevant to your studies. Your personal development timeline provides you with a documented record of the skills, achievements and qualities that you've developed, strengthening future job applications you might work on. 

From recording your academic achievements to helping you organise one-to-one careers advice, Leeds for Life makes sure staff and students work in close partnership. Find out more about how Leeds for Life can help you improve your employability to achieve your future goals. 

Build your CV as you study

Adding to your CV as you study is a great way of keeping track of your experiences. There are many clubs and societies along with voluntary and paid work opportunities available to students and graduates. This year around 1,500 employers targeted University of Leeds students when advertising their vacancies on the Careers Centre's website.

We are international 

Over 13,400 international students decide to study with us every year and our campus is one of the most diverse and multi-cultural in the world. We want you to enjoy your time here and we'll help you to settle in and make the most of your experience at Leeds.