Optional modules

Paediatric Radiography

During this module you will have the opportunity to experience the joys of working with children and young people and learn about the challenges of conducting paediatric radiography. 

Choosing this module will help you develop a detailed understanding about the variety of specific needs of children and young people when they are in a hospital setting. You will also learn how to adapt your radiographic technique so that you can ensure that you take successful paediatric imaging examinations, whilst ensuring children are completely protected. The module also covers non-accidental injuries in children and how to deal properly with these situations.

You will gain insight into the different physical, psychological and emotional needs of children and young people and learn how to critically reflect on how to adapt your practice so that you can deliver person centred care to children, young people and their families.

You will also explore the role of the imaging department in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of common paediatric pathologies and evaluate the role of the radiographer in child protection.

I have learnt many new skills regarding how to handle paediatric patients and awareness of their age and the change in attitudes and personality. It is a small group so can ask lots of questions and get the best out of the module. The module relates to practice really well and helped us to be more confident when imaging paediatrics.

Student feedback

As a radiographer, it is key to adjust your style when taking an x-ray of a child or young person