Optional modules

Forensic Imaging

Our year 3 optional module - Forensic Imaging - explores the use of forensic imaging in the investigation of crime, identification of mass fatality victims and the investigation of the cause of death. Students will learn how to critically evaluate the use of the virtual autopsy, methods employed in the investigation of mass fatalities, the importance of diagnostic imaging in the investigation of crime and other fields in which imaging is used as an investigation tool.

Studying this module will enable you to explore the use of forensic imaging in a variety of uses and better understand the application of the principles of forensic imaging.

Module content includes learning about the forensic imaging aspects of:

  • Mass fatalities
  • Non violent crime
  • Art and antiquities
  • Smuggling and security
  • Ballistic injuries
  • Paediatric and NAI
  • Virtual post mortem
  • Legalities

A key part of the module is the short ballistics course and field trip which you will have an opportunity to attend. This short course is arranged in collaboration with the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds and will ensures that you get a better understanding of the effects of gunshot wounds and their significance in trauma and forensics.

The University of Leeds and the Royal Armories museum collaborate to offer this short gunshot and ballistics course on the forensic imaging module.