Clinical placements

Image representing an audiology student on clinical placement.


At Leeds you have the opportunity to work across different NHS trusts and private providers, exposing you to a variety of clinical environments – something that sets our students apart from others.

The breadth of specialities you will experience while on placement provides valuable insight and will allow you to develop a more rounded understanding of practices across NHS trusts. As a result of this approach, our students are better equipped and more able to adopt a flexible approach to working in different clinical settings following graduation.

The duration of placements will be around 10 weeks in year one, 15 weeks in year two and 20 weeks in year three.

Exceptional clinical placements

Our students always talk positively about their experiences on clinical placement. We have a clinical placement coordinator who works closely with our clinical colleagues to ensure that all our clinical placements throughout the Yorkshire region provide students with an exceptional experience.

Whilst on placement you will also be supported by a member of the audiology lecturing team who will have worked in clinical departments and will be able to help you gain the professional and clinical skills required to be an audiologist.

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Audiology placement at Castle Hill Hospital, Hull

Placement locations

Audiology placements are based in a variety of hospitals including those in Harrogate, Sheffield, York, Hull and Bradford, and one of the key training partners for our courses is the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. This trust is one of the largest and most innovative in England, combining high-quality clinical services with academic research, pushing the boundaries of healthcare. We also have close relationships with specialist units in the region.

International placements

We believe in providing the broadest healthcare experience possible and have excellent relationships with teaching hospitals and universities around the world, which offers you the opportunity to experience healthcare settings outside of the UK.