Optional modules

Focussed Professional Practice

Our Focused Professional Practice module allows students to select their own clinical placement for two weeks and explore a different specialty, modality or specific area. This module is very flexible and students do not have to base themselves within imaging departments, as the module encourages students to look at the NHS as a whole and adapt a holistic approach.

Some students will choose to look at specialist modalities in more detail such as ultrasound, or CT. Some students will choose to look at a specialist area, such as paediatrics or trauma imaging. Other students have looked at other professions within the NHS with students opting for veterinary placements, care home placements and working within the community through nursing, trauma response teams or physiotherapists.

The idea is for students to learn about how the NHS works as a huge machine with individual parts, and how these can all contribute together for the welfare of the patient.

The student must find and approve their own placement, this does not have to be within the usual hospital trusts used for normal Radiography placement, but can be within the wider UK-and the module has links to placements with Alliance Medical across the UK. The assessment of the module is an open titled essay whereby the students critically analyse and discuss the area in which they have learnt both practical skills and developed their understanding.