Optional modules

International work-based learning module

Whilst the standard placements you will undertake as part of this programme are all UK-based, this module gives you the opportunity to spend some of your placement in an international hospital. 

Through your own negotiations with the support of a tutor, you will be able to organise an international placement for a short period of time around your own interests.  You will be able to experience and reflect upon the culture and organisation of health practices which are different to the NHS and bring this experience back to share with your peers.

The university currently has arrangements with a number of hospitals in Europe but it may potentially be possible to arrange such placements in other countries.  In previous years students have undertaken placements in Malta, Sweden and Denmark and have thoroughly enjoyed the chance to share practice on a global scale. 

Please note that such international placements are funded at the student’s own expense although previously students have been able to access support funds to help towards such costs.

Please note that elective placements are currently subject to restrictions due to COVID-19. This means it might not be possible to undertake a placement either nationally or internationally as we adapt the scheme to ensure student welfare and safety. – Updated 20 August 2020 at 9.00am

Students can go on placement to malta