Enrichment opportunities

Image representing societies available to Masters students at the School of Medicine

We offer a wealth of opportunities to help you enrich your life at Leeds, with actvities designed to complement your learning, provide experience and help you settle into life on campus. These opportunities range from the University’s many clubs and societies, through to the School of Medicine’s own outreach projects.

Clubs and societies

The Times Student Survey 2018 found Leeds to be 3rd in the country for student experience. Our on-campus clubs and societies are just one of the ways we create a welcoming and enjoyable student environment. With over 200 to choose from, you’ll be able to find something that suits your interests, from the arts to sports teams, as well as a number of societies that are unique to those studying medicine.

Included among these is our School's society, Medsoc. Medsoc aims to create a memorable student experience with a great range of socials and events throughout the year, which have earned the society its motto: “work hard, play harder”. For masters students, especially those who are new to the University, the work of Medsoc is important for easing you into life at Leeds, helping you to integrate and settle in as part of the School community.

The Medical School Representative Council (MSRC) is another important student society. It aims to connect the School to the student body, improving communication and the overall student experience and making sure that your opinions are given a voice.

At Leeds we also have a number of exclusively postgraduate societies. These are an excellent opportunity to meet your fellow postgraduate students and seek advice from those who are further into their studies and research projects.

As well as enriching the social aspects of your life at Leeds, these societies and organisations also provide you with a valuable chance to develop your organisation and communication skills by getting involved in running them. This is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your sense of responsibility, among other transferable skills, and is a useful building block towards enhancing your employability.

Enrichment through the community

We’re serious about our role within the wider community, both within the region and the wider medical profession. As such, we’re engaged in projects which aim to break down barriers to the study of medicine for prospective students from a range of backgrounds.

The Widening Access to Medical School (WAMS) initiative is run by students and aims to encourage the study and careers of medical professionals who can reflect the communities they treat. With their additional experience, Masters students have a well-developed perspective on the study of medicine and you’ll have the chance to play an important part in the initiative’s outreach in the community.

As well as enriching the School’s student body, WAMS also provides a platform for you to get involved in bringing about important change in the accessibility of your subject. Learn about the challenges facing your community and, in the process, develop an impressive collection of skills that will prove valuable as you transition into professional life.