Intercalation Fair

The online intercalation fair will be on Wednesday 6 December 2023. It will be an opportunity to meet intercalated programme leads and ask questions about individual programmes. When available, the link will be posted on Minerva for Leeds medical students. If you are not a Leeds medical student and wish to attend, please contact us to receive the link.

However if you would like more details about a particular course before this please don’t hesitate to contact the programme leads.


Programme lead


BA/MA Biomedical & Health Care Ethics Dr Natasha McKeever
BSc Applied Health (Medical Education) Dr Naomi Quinton
BSc Clinical Anatomy Mr Sean Strauther
BSc Human Physiology in Relation to Medicine Miss Hannah Campbell 
BSc International Health Nichola Jones
BSc Neuroscience Dr Clare Tweedy
BSc Pharmacology Dr Jon Lippiat
BSc Psychology (Intercalated Programme) Prof Mitch Waterman
BSc Sports Science in Relation to Medicine Dr Simon Walker
BSc Zoology in relation to Medicine Dr Alastair Ward
MSc Cancer Biology & Therapy Dr Milene Volpato
Master of Research in Medicine Dr Henry Wood
  Dr Susan Richman
MSc Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Dr Jane Khayesi
MSc Medical Imaging Dr Stephen Kengyelics
MSc Molecular Medicine Dr Milene Volpato
MSc Precision Medicine Genomics & Analytics Dr Mark Iles
MSc Sport and Exercise Medicine  Dr Camilla Nykjaer
  Dr Dane Vishnubala
MSc Cardiovascular Health and Disease  Dr Piruthivi Sukumar