Training in Systemic Practice and Family Therapy

We have over 20 years’ experience of running Family and Systemic Therapy courses. We run the full range of professional training courses in Systemic Practice and Family Therapy: Foundation, Intermediate, PG Cert, Qualifying levels /  MSc, and  Advanced Training in Systemic Supervision.

Download a Course Overview for courses leading to qualification as a Systemic Psychotherapist/Family Therapist.

We are now accepting applications for the forthcoming Advanced Training in Systemic Supervision. View our information and application form request.

In addition we provide bespoke systemic training for professional groups such as child and adolescent mental health services, youth offending teams, psychiatry, social care or the voluntary sector.

Our Courses

Applications for the MSc in Systemic Family Therapy which leads to qualification as a UKCP registered Systemic Psychotherapist / family Therapist are now closed for the 2023 - 25 intake. Information about the course is on the web pages and if you would like to discuss a future application for the following cohort in 2025 - 27, you are welcome to be in contact with the course team by emailing us.

Applications for the Foundation, Intermediate, PG Cert training in Systemic Practice are now open. Course information is on each web page and found in our application guidance document. If you would like to discuss your application, you are welcome to be in contact with the course team by emailing us.

We have seen many trainees pass successfully through our formal training in systemic family therapy, why not be one of them?

Training Days in Summer 2023

The Playfully Serious Practitioner: Meeting Children Young People and Families in Therapeutic Practice with Jim Wilson

Wednesday 24th May | 10:00 – 16:30 | University of Leeds Worsley Building Room 8.43XY | Book Here

I am still a child. I am learning. My name Satyarthi means, ‘student of truth’ and I want to remain like that. If I remain a child, I remain a student – Kailash Satyarthi (joint Nobel peace prize winner 2014)

This workshop will explore therapeutic possibilities in practice and the range of repertoires open to therapists and their clients when a seriously playful attitude is co-created between those who participate.

Limitations to co-creativity will also be addressed together with tips and an exploration of how to keep practice alive and kicking.

Based on ideas from his forthcoming book, Jim will draw on his experience as a therapist, consultant, and trainer to set out what counts in practice and will include the following themes :

  • Inspiration and what is meant by playfully serious systemic practice. From Systemics to Freire, Chaplin, and Midgley…
  • Practice as informed improvisation: the ability to decentre, the importance of spontaneous responsiveness, breaking the rules (when the rules don’t work).
  • Extending the repertoire of practice methods, including “the imaginary consulting room“
  • Exploring the Circles of Possibility and Constraint

Case examples will provide discussion points and exploration of therapist style and Jim will aim to attend to the main areas of interest and concern participants may wish to raise within this topic.

Systemic approaches in working with diverse genders and sexualities with Sarah Favier and Claudia Zitz

Wednesday 21st June | 10:00 – 16:30 | University of Leeds | Book Here

We are delighted to host this study day for professionals interested in how to work therapeutically with people across diverse genders and sexualities. This day is part of the training programme for students of systemic practice and family therapy and is open to colleagues from all related professional backgrounds.

The day will be with Sarah Favier and Claudia Zitz who introduce their work:

In this one-day workshop we will explore systemic approaches in the context of clinical work with people experiencing diverse genders and sexualities. We aim to collaboratively create a context for safe and brave learning opportunities with the hope we can also consider our own sexual and gender identities and the relational influences these have in our work. We will provide theoretical, legal and socio-political frameworks. There will be greater emphasis on gender identity, but within the broader LGBTQ+ context. We will consider relevant terminology and concepts, research findings, clinical themes and how systemic approaches and techniques can be useful. The day will include experiential learning, inviting self-reflexivity throughout. We hope participants will feel more confident to exercise systemic agility when working with people with diverse genders and sexualities.

Sarah Favier is Systemic Psychotherapist who has worked in NHS gender identity services with young people and adults since 2015. She is a Systemic Supervisor and Tutor for the Birmingham MSc in Family Therapy. Sarah is co-facilitator of the AFT diversity working party on gender and sexuality.

Claudia Zitz is a Systemic Psychotherapist and a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who has worked with gender diverse young people in the NHS gender identity service for the last 9 years. They also work as an Assistant Professor at the University of Birmingham where they are part of the leadership team for the systemic module. They have conducted research and published articles and book chapters on gender diversity.