Funding and scholarships

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Intercalation Funding

How your intercalating year is funded depends on the following:

  • The point you are at in your progression
  • Whether it is an Undergraduate or Postgraduate intercalation
  • Whether you are in a year that is eligible for funding (i.e. not a second repeat year)
  • Who you are currently eligible to receive funding from (i.e. Student Finance or NHS bursaries)

This page provides the basic information you need to understand who you should be applying to for funding. It will also explain how the intercalation route you take can impact on the funding you are eligible to receive.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact the Funding Team.

School of Medicine Alumni Scholarships

The School of Medicine's ‘Intercalated Alumni Scholarships’ are available to UK University of Leeds medical students who have accepted a place to intercalate on an intercalating programme at Leeds.  These scholarships are intended to make intercalation accessible to students whose personal and/or financial circumstances would make intercalating difficult.

The application process for Intercalated Alumni Scholarships will next open in Summer 2023 for intercalated study in 2023-24 (once students have accepted their intercalated offers).

The number of scholarships we award each year will depend on the funding available, and the total sum of money granted to the School of Medicine by the Footsteps Fund. Students are not guaranteed a scholarship and funding is based on the following eligibility criteria.

Hear from students who have received an Intercalated Alumni Scholarship here.

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Eligibility for School of Medicine Intercalated Alumni Scholarships

To be eligible for a scholarship, you must:

  • Be a UK University of Leeds undergraduate medical student, registered to intercalate full-time on an approved University of Leeds intercalated programme lasting no longer than one year.
  • Have not already achieved an equivalent or higher-level qualification.
  • Have a household income of less than £42,875 a year (*).
  • Not be on a study-abroad or work-placement year.
  • Be liable for the full programme fees and not in receipt of a subsidy from outside the University or the NHS, eg a government or other grant to cover all or part of the tuition fees or a scholarship directly from a charity or business.

You must also meet one of the following criteria:

  • Have progressed to Leeds after successfully completing access routes (such as Access to Leeds, Reach for Excellence, Realising Opportunities or a Foundation Year)
  • Be part of the first generation in your family to enter higher education
  • Have a permanent home address which is in a geographical area with low levels of progression onto higher education (LPN)
  • Be a care leaver, have experience of the care system, or be estranged from your family
  • Have caring responsibilities
  • Have been recognised as a refugee by the UK government, or have been granted humanitarian protection status, or be the partner or child of someone who has been granted refugee or humanitarian protection status

Students who receive School of Medicine internal intercalating awards based on academic merit may also apply for these scholarships; this information will be forwarded to the awarding panel.

(* This data will be provided by the Student Finance Office.)


  1. The School of Medicine UK Alumni Intercalated Scholarships supports University of Leeds students who take an optional intercalated year at Leeds.
  2. These scholarships are a maintenance award (not a fee waiver) and will be made directly to the student (up to £3000 total).
  3. Students who receive a School of Medicine Alumni Intercalated Scholarship may be required to take part in publicity photos and interviews for the Alumni and Development Office.
  4. The School of Medicine will provide the Alumni office with a regular update of the progress of students during the academic year.
  5. Each student receiving a School of Medicine Alumni Intercalated Scholarship will be required to provide a short report to our Student Support Committee (maximum of 300 words) on their intercalated year, to be submitted by 1st June of the intercalated year.