Ursula Wood

Ursula Wood


Nominated by her colleagues, Mrs Ursula Wood has received an Excellent Longstanding Service Award for Undergraduate Clinical Education.

Ursula has been part of the Undergraduate Medical Education team at BTHFT since 2005, teaching, mentoring and caring for students from the Leeds Medical School and more lately Physician Associate students from both the University of Leeds and the University of Bradford. She has seen students transition to colleagues as junior doctors and even some transition to Consultancy and also become General Practitioners.

All students who have crossed her path remember 'Urs', and this is down to her detailed and methodical teaching techniques, but also due to her caring maternal instincts to care for the students she teaches. Her pastoral input for some students has been life-changing and she has maintained an open door and offered a shoulder to cry on when students have returned in latter years of study to placement. This is evidenced by repeated naming on MPET feedback from all year groups, year on year.

She has participated numerous times in activity at the University campus for teaching sessions and OSCE examining. She was also integral to the creation and successful running of the OSCE centre formed at Bradford pre-pandemic and thoroughly enjoyed examining students at all levels. She has had a consistent presence in our Widening Participation efforts at Bradford which have been running for in excess of 10 years, targeting academically astute pupils in Bradford who have come from pockets of deprivation and equipping them with the tools they need to gain entry onto medical training.

Aside from her efforts with learners and students, she has time and time again developed new comers to the Undergraduate Medical education team, equipping them with the knowledge base they need to teach medical students the relevant curriculum. She is a wealth of knowledge to the team and will be sorely missed when she (finally) decides to call it a day!