Medicine and Surgery MBChB student case study Xinya Guo 2018

Xinya Guo

Having a career in which I can help other people and give back to the community/society is really important to me. Medicine allows me to help other people and it has practical applications of clinical knowledge. Having a fulfilling career is very important to me so I am very lucky to be able to study medicine and become a doctor. I really liked the course structure and teaching style at Leeds. I had a great experience at the open day – loved the layout of the university and loved the city itself. My highlights include going on placements in primary and secondary care all around West Yorkshire. Being able to experience a wide variety of places and people has been amazing.

I came straight into medicine from school, so I wanted to take a year out to experience something different. I am very interested in global health and healthcare so international health was a perfect fit for me – being able to get a degree in something I was passionate about. I had the opportunity to do a literature review, and design and conduct my own research project in another country.

That was a fantastic opportunity and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Doing so much research in that year has given me life skills in how to properly perform research and I have gained confidence in doing so.