Katy Walsh

Katy Walsh

I choose to come to the University of Leeds to complete my PhD as it is a highly ranked university, really interested in pregnancy research and knew some people who went here before and loved it.

I love the social aspect of research that is often forgotten. There’s always someone in the lab you can chat to or go to for a drink after work with.

The highlights of the PhD course so far have definitely been watching caesarean sections at LGI! But also the conferences are fun, a great way to get to know people in the field.

My research project involves gestational diabetes and the impact of glucose fluctuations on placental and fetal growth and development. It involves mimicking bloody glucose changes in placental tissue and assessing the impact on RNA expression. 

I think doing a PhD has benefited me as I think I will learn life skills that will make me more employable in any role, and specific skills that will progress my career as a scientist.

I would rate the facilities available to me throughout my PhD as highly, they mean the work is less of a labour and more enjoyable. The resources available make it easier to be productive and efficient with time.

Leeds is great for coffee for those long nights in the lab.

In the future, I would love to become a lecturer in genetics.