Krishma Tanna BSc Audiology student case study 2018

Karishma Tanna

I feel lucky to be a part of audiology at the University of Leeds. The teaching quality is of a high standard with experienced staff who have specialised in different areas of Audiology. 

The most enjoyable part of studying at the University of Leeds is the atmosphere, it’s so lively and you feel at home. The people are friendly and are always there to help. It is a big city with a lot of things to do in your free time.  

The most interesting modules I have studied are Audiological Assessment and Disorder because it’s all to do with audiology related topics including tinnitus, OAEs and ABRs. This is vital for being an audiologist and so it was interesting to learn about these aspects. Audiological Rehabilitation was also an interesting module because it made things much clearer for me such as venting, earmould and impression techniques which are the basis of being an Audiologist. I felt as though I learnt a lot from this module.

I am passionate about studying audiology, as at the end of the day I will become someone who will be able to make a change to someone’s life by providing them with the one sense which is crucial in our everyday lives. Being an Audiologist will mean that I will get to work with people who use hearing aids and see the smile on their face after putting a hearing aid in. It will make me happy that I made a difference to someone’s life. The appreciation for what you do for them is worthwhile.

The best aspects to the way the placements are organised are that they are commutable, and it is beneficial that the university provides us placements.  

The lecturers provide support via putting additional information and resources on Minerva and we can contact them at any time regarding questions about assignments and exams which is extremely useful.  

The advice I would give to students considering studying audiology at the University of Leeds is that time management is especially important within the course since you will be going on placements and have lectures it is important that you manage your time with work. Audiology is a good course you learn so much from and all lecturers are helpful. Work hard and enjoy your time at Leeds, it will be worth it.

The best aspects to the social life at the University of Leeds is that there are so many clubs and societies available, you can join dancing, sports and many more. This is good when you have so much work that you can have stress relaxation time. Also, this improves social relationships with others. Being social is an important part of university life and I feel that the University of Leeds, has many activities available.

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