BSc Diagnostic Radiography Joanna Ball student case study 2018

Joanna Ball

I am passionate about studying radiography because I want to go into a career that is dedicated to helping others and diagnosing health problems, thus improving the lives of individuals every day.

The teaching quality at Leeds is great. Lecturers are very thorough when explaining difficult concepts and always offer additional support if required. The lecturers constantly provide students with support and guidance by offering to put on additional sessions on more difficult topics. Also, the lecturers make us aware that we can email them whenever if we have any personal problems or problems relating to university. 

I have studied Musculoskeletal Anatomy this year which I found interesting as it allows you to learn all parts of the body and anatomy in great detail and also gives you a greater understanding of biology. You can also apply this knowledge on placement.

I like the fact that you spend years 1 and 3 in the same hospital but are allocated a different hospital in second year as this widens your healthcare experience, allows you to work with new people in a completely different environment and also gives you 1 or 2 years in Leeds/close to Leeds such as Harrogate.

I have been on placement in both York and Scarborough. I thoroughly enjoy placement at York as it has a dynamic A&E department which widens your experience as well as the Main Department which allows first years such as myself to learn the general x-ray techniques required for our assessments. Scarborough is also a great place to be on placement as it allows you to familiarize yourself with computed radiography equipment.

We are assessed in numerous ways on the course. For example, on placement our assessments are very practical and require students to undertake an x-ray examination unaided. We have also been assessed using an essay in our first semester which was very useful as it helped to improve and develop our essay writing skills that will be helpful for second and third year. In physics and anatomy, we are assessed using exams, which is suitable because it really tests the extent of our knowledge.

The x-ray rooms are useful as they allow us to practise x-ray positioning away from placement, which helps to develop technique. There are a number of great libraries on campus which are silent study areas which are perfect for students who prefer revising on their own. The resources in the libraries such computers and books are also extremely helpful and accessible.

I enjoy the social aspect of university such as meeting a wide range of people including course mates, housemates and lecturers. I also enjoy the independence that you are given at University compared to school and college, and how lecturers treat you like adults. Leeds University campus is also easy to make your way around and is home of the Student Union which has places to eat during the day as well as bars to go at night. 

I would advise students considering studying radiography to not rush into any decision making about the course you want to study. I would advise them to research all universities and look at what each university does differently to ensure the right decision is made.

The social life at Leeds is one of my favourite aspects of University life. You make amazing friends in your accommodation as well as great friends on the course. Also, the radiography society ‘RadSoc’ is a great way to branch out and meet other year groups.

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