BSc Diagnostic Radiography Emma Mitchell case study 2018

Emma Mitchell

I enjoy studying at Leeds because it's a great city and university. The teaching quality at Leeds is very good, they always make it exciting and interactive.

I am passionate about studying radiography because it is science and technology mixed with patient care. I love using all the equipment but I also love talking to patients and trying to help them along their diagnostic pathway.

The most interesting module is Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Radiographic Pattern Recognition because I love finding out about our bodies and what's actually inside us.

The best aspect to the way the placements are organised is at the beginning when the 3rd years take the 1st years to their placement site and give them a tour so we know where we were going. I've been to Hull on placement and it's been good, it's a big hospital so it's very busy which means I get to learn a lot.

Lecturers provide support, advice and guidance as they are very approachable and friendly and always willing to help. We have a personal tutor for support throughout our 3 years. The lecturers always stay behind after a lecture to allow anyone to ask questions which they might not have wanted to ask in front of everyone, which I think is great.

We are assessed by assignments and exams, these are helpful as I need to research and revise for them which makes me understand the work more. We do assessments on clinical while doing a patient examination. We also ask what the patient thinks of your patient care, which I like as it gives me objectives and aims whilst on placement.

The University of Leeds has lots of great facilities to aid learning, especially the library. I like how it has a quiet room and a non-quite room where you can talk and do group work, lots of computers and books.

The best aspects of the social life at Leeds is that there is always an event happening, so there is always something to do. The union sets up a lot of social events to encourage people to meet each other. As we don't have the same holidays as students on other courses, the best thing is that radiography students always socialise with each other, so you become close friends with everyone on the course.

The advice I would give to future students is that it's a really interesting course, but be prepared to work hard.

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