Audiology student case study Emily Waldron 2018

Emily Waldon

Leeds gives a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere to learn in, and the comfort to strive outside of your comfort zone to excel in a plethora of areas.

The combination of my love for anatomy and my caring and empathetic nature was one of the drives behind choosing radiography, although was cemented during my placements and work experience before commencing the course. 

The modules relating to Anatomy I found the most interesting as it gave insight and useful tools to use whilst on placement. Of which we constantly build on and learn new things.

Each year is differently accessed, but it is done in a variety of ways. The course is split into exams, essay and other coursework type assessments which is useful if you struggle in one area and excel in another.

Placements are organised in blocks to ensure you can plan when you need to complete certain assessments and paperwork. It is rotational to guarantee students get experience in the many areas which our trusts offer. I have been separated between two trusts; Hull and Leeds. They both offer different protocols, teaching and experience that is fundamental for becoming a radiographer.

The lectures ensure that each lesson engrosses students, they use a variety of ways to demonstrate and communicate ideas across, tailoring to different learning styles. Lectures give an open door policy which grants guidance whenever you need it! They are quick to answer emails and will help in any way they can to help you succeed.

Leeds offers fantastic facilities for both students and staff. IT clusters are located all the way around campus and are easily accessible for work. The Edge offers free membership to first year students living in halls which is something to help settle in and one less expense.

There are so many ways to get involved at university socially. I love the RADSOC (Radiography society) as you get to get to know your course friends from varying year groups which you wouldn’t normally through being placed at different trusts.

The advice I would give to students considering studying Radiography at the University of Leeds is to go for it! Make sure you gain some necessary work experience in the radiology department beforehand.

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