Dr Rafiqul Bhuiyan

I am Dr Rafiq from Bangladesh. I am a medical graduate and I completed an MSc in Clinical Embryology (Distance Learning) at the University of Leeds. I chose a part time course because it is the most convenient course for me. My full time diverse work experience and full time equivalent part time course has blended my knowledge to be better reproductive medicine specialist.

I chose to study the MSc Clinical Embryology course at the University of Leeds as opposed to another university as it was the best MSc course within my affordability.

Coming to Leeds for my three separate study weeks was great to share my own views and learn new theoretical aspects of fertility management and make good friends all over the world.

The element that I enjoyed the most about studying at Leeds is the practical guidelines to set up an IVF center within limited resources.

Reproductive epigenetics is a challenging topic that I learnt on the course. For the first time I got the opportunity to learn genetics behind the embryo development.

Micromanipulation was the most interesting module for me. I am practising basis micromanipulation, however I could develop my skills as a PGD specialist.

I am very passionate about studying clinical embryology to develop a new life, is a charming profession. Good academic knowledge is very essential to be a good embryologist.

Teachers at the university are excellent. Lectures were just an email away from me.

The University of Leeds is a dream house for nursing your future.

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