Kellyn arnold

Kellyn Arnold

I wanted a high-quality Masters programme that would prepare me for a wide range of possible jobs in epidemiology, health data science, and related fields. The location of Leeds was also appealing, as it is well-connected to the whole of the UK and Europe.

We were encouraged to think independently and critically about real-world problems and were taught some of the most cutting-edge methods for analysis and critical appraisal. The course taught me a lot of coding/programming skills. It was a steep learning curve, as I had never done any programming before, but they are essential for any work involving data analysis and have been so valuable to my research since graduating.

The highlight of the course for me was having the opportunity to work on an original research project with a member of staff, which gave us first-hand experience in data analysis and research by applying the skills we’d developed over the course of the programme. It also helped me to prepare for being an independent researcher.

The friendships I formed with other students on the course provided me with an extended network of support and contacts to take away with me. Additionally, the diversity of student backgrounds meant that we all had something a bit different to contribute.

After finishing my MSc I began a PhD in Statistical Epidemiology at the University of Leeds, funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council.  I am currently in my third year. My research with Professor Mark Gilthorpe and Professor Alison Heppenstall centres around statistical and simulation methods for causal inference.

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