Coben skuse

Coben Skuse

I’m Coben, a medical student who has intercalated between my third and fourth year of studying Medicine at the University of Leeds. I want to specialise in Radiology once I graduate and this course provides me with the knowledge and skills I would need to succeed in my chosen career. 

I choose to study at the University of Leeds as Leeds is a great vibrant city with lots to do, it was a nice change from living in the middle of nowhere. I have gotten to know the university well over the past few years and has proven to be a good university to study at with good teaching quality.

The positives aspects of the MSc Medical Imaging course is that it provides both the science of medical imaging techniques in the context of clinical medicine. It gave me a break from medicine by learning something a little different but still relevant to my clinical course and I will have new skills to take back to medicine.

The course will help me with my future and career as it has proven to me that I do enjoy medical imaging and I want to understand how the machines work. I gained knowledge and experience which will be very beneficial when specialising as it will give me a head start on the exams required to join The Royal College of Radiologists. Having an MSc in medical imaging shows a long term interest in the field and would be great to have on my CV.

I enjoy studying in the city of Leeds as it has a vibrant and exciting atmosphere. There are many shops, restaurants and events occurring all the time in the city. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

The University of Leeds is one of the best for supporting students and helping them achieve their full potential. They want you to succeed and help you.

The course proved to be much more interesting than I thought it would be at first. Once everything clicked it felt like an achievement to understand how machines that are used every day in medicine work.

Studying in Leeds surpassed my expectations and I have loved every minute of it. Life is what you make of it and if you want to take the opportunities in front of you Leeds is a great place to do that.

I would recommend studying this course to others. Whether you are interested in specialising as a radiologist or not, it is a fundamental part of working in health care that people have on your CV.

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