Ben fox

Benjamin Fox

I was always very interested in Leeds as it is far enough from where I live that I could gain a greater sense of independence, yet not so far that I couldn’t easily return home if I wanted. The open day was very relaxed and informative, and I quickly became enthused by the integrated curriculum of my parent course (medicine). Significantly, I’d heard only positive experiences from older students which ultimately swayed my judgement from other unis.

Cell biology of disease has been my favourite module for a variety of reasons. For example, there is plenty of very challenging content that stimulates questions over your current understanding of the subject. It was made continuously relevant to medicine by relating organelle malfunction to real diseases, and thus served as reference to how complicated treatment of illness can be.

My favourite project was my dissertation. A literature review of 10,000 words meant that I was concurrently learning research skills while writing the project, finally culminating in a large accumulation of knowledge gained throughout the year. I felt more confident in my research abilities and am pleased with the final result. Weekly meetings with my supervisor ensured I was kept constantly up to date, and the various aspects of the project were explored with appropriate timings. I became immediately enthused by the project subject, dengue virus and antibodies, and strove to learn as much as I could throughout the year.

I also really enjoyed writing the dissertation: it was an opportunity for research at my own pace to culminate in the largest piece of writing I will produce in my university career. I learned how to manage my time better in addition to a variety of research skills which will provide numerous benefits for the remainder of my academia.

Laboratory work has been perhaps the most significant practical element I have experienced on the course. From inoculating agar dishes with unknown bacteria to performing PCR on unidentified DNA, the sheer variety of practical elements in our classes both helped me understand the theoretical elements in lectures, as well as giving me a greater appreciation of the difficulty and precise nature of work undertaken by technicians 
Statistical workshops have also been very useful. From not knowing what the various acronyms and data signified in a variety of papers, I am now able to confidently interpret and analyse data in addition to performing statistical analyses of my own. I enjoyed these workshops because I have always liked mathematics, and this was an excellent opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the subject in a scientific context.

I have also done some other really exciting things during my time here at Leeds, including designing my poster for my dissertation was very eye-opening. We had to condense 10,000 words of research into one A1 piece of paper while ensuring it was visually appealing, and thus required the accumulation of many skills we’d learned throughout the year to ensure it was successful. I was really happy with the outcome, and now have my poster at home with me!

I am also an ambassador, and frequently partake in PALS: the student lead revision services for younger medical students. I am passionate about helping younger years develop skills necessary to succeed and am confident in my ability to explain challenging concepts in a way that is easy to understand.

I have been a part of Medics rugby for almost 4 years, and now serve on the executive committee as the treasurer after previously being captain. I am a member of Jsoc, and table tennis society.
My favourite social events are those that include every year of the club as there is a true feeling of club identity and belonging for everyone. Particularly, pub crawls and curries have been my favourite events.
I have spoken to my personal tutor, faculty of the medical school, and career advisors in the union about my future. I am confident I know exactly what to expect in addition to how I will go about achieving my aims. 
Upon graduation I will be a doctor where I’d like to complete my foundation years here in Leeds. The university has provided much support, including inviting consultants to give speeches in addition to giving plenty of guidance along the way.