Bashair alhummiany 1

Bashair AlHummiany

I choose to study at the University of Leeds because of their reputation of excellence in the medical imaging field and high ranking among the universities in the UK.

Throughout the course I enjoyed learning from expert instructors that have worked in the fields for so many years, so they were successfully able to provide actual examples that illustrate the course concepts.

During the medical imaging courses, I developed my academic and research skills through completing the core modules. In addition, I have updated knowledge on the advanced image analysis and post-processing techniques.

Perhaps the greatest challenge was studying with other students in this course who had different experiences and disciples. However, this diversity of students was actually very beneficial on my educational level, since it offered multiple perspectives in discussions.

My project involved preclinical PET-CT images of mice with abdominal aortic aneurysm disease using two segmentation techniques to estimate the Standardised uptake value (SUV) when a threshold value is applied.

Through working on a research project, I have established software development skills for data manipulation and modelling. I also had the chance to work as part of a research group through working closely with my supervisors, which had helped me in developing my skills and solve challenges.

In the whole course, it was interesting to work on different simulation software that had an impact on understanding the theory behind the practice. This is especially the case with the physics aspects of the modules, in order to aid a deeper understanding of the principles that cannot be gained from experience only. Also, many services provided by the university library helped boost my academic skills.

Leeds is a fascinating and vibrant city to live in, and I enjoyed getting to know the city and its surrounding countryside.

Following the MSc course, I am pursuing my interest in the field of medical imaging through doing a PhD. The international PhD Academy for cardiovascular and metabolic disease fascinated me and I am sure it will be a motivating atmosphere that will further develop my skills. It is amazing how the Academy provide a bespoke PhD programme that is particularly made to meet the required needs for a postgraduate researcher.

My PhD project involves analysing MRI images of the kidneys for patients with diabetic kidney disease to extract biomarkers that are hypothesised to detect changes in the kidney parenchyma at an early stage in order to improve the prediction of disease progression.

I hope that by the end of the PhD I will not only gain the specialised knowledge but also develop and enhance problem solving and critical reasoning, which are necessary to create a difference in my workplace.

The University of Leeds runs a wide range of courses that aims to encourage individual professional and development learning. I believe that this is very helpful as in the first year to further develop my research skills.

The key aspects of my experience of Leeds that I would highly to students thinking about coming to do a PhD here is that Leeds is a fascinating city with its multicultural society. I am really enjoying my life in Leeds with its friendly people and wonderful attractions. 

Upon completing my PhD project, I am planning to pursue an academic career back in my country. 

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