Christine Brindle

Tell us about your role as a Clinical Educator for the University of Leeds. What do you do?

I am responsible for making sure that students have an enjoyable and educational experience during their clinical placements in the department. I arrange timetables to ensure students get to work with a variety of staff and gain experience of all the clinical practices relevant to their course. Part of my role is to provide pastoral support for students and have regular meetings with them to ensure I build a good rapport and make them feel looked after. I also support the University during Open Days, Student Taster Days and attend regular meetings at the University with regard to course content and student progress.

What can students expect to learn when on placement with you?

Students will learn how to perform a battery of audiological tests on adult patients. This will give them the experience they require to pass the practical side of the degree course. They will also observe and assist in paediatric clinics, including testing new-borns. There is the opportunity to go to the Balance Clinic at our sister hospital in York.

What do you expect from our students when they are on placement at your audiology department?

Students are treated as a staff member and are expected to behave as such. They are expected to wear appropriate uniform and observe Trust Policies with regard to this and any other staffing issues such as mobile phone use. I expect students to be respectful and polite to both colleagues and patients. Punctuality is important as is good communication in case of sickness absence.

How will our students benefit, when back in the classroom, from a placement at Harrogate District Hospital?

Nothing can prepare a student for the working environment better than spending time in it alongside clinicians. Hopefully, a positive and productive placement offers increased learning opportunities which can help put academic study into perspective in the real world. 

How will our student’s career prospects be improved from spending time on placement with you?

My students will hopefully leave me confident and competent. I endeavour where possible to allow students to observe more complex clinical sessions if they show an interest, which they can then discuss at interviews with potential employers.

What is your favourite part of being one of our Clinical Educators?

I love watching students develop over the three years I normally have them on placement. When I assess them on their clinical practices in 3rd year and can tell them they are now a competent Audiologist it always makes me proud to have such a large role in helping a student begin their career.

How easy is the commute to Harrogate from Leeds?

There are regular buses and trains from Leeds to Harrogate. The bus and train stations are next to each other and there are buses past the hospital every few minutes. Leeds students generally do not need to stay in accommodation although it is available on site.

What is it like working at Harrogate District Hospital?

The hospital is not very big and we work very closely with the outpatients teams. It is friendly and as part of only a relatively small Audiology Department close working relationships form. We often socialise away from work and students are always welcome to join in with us if they would like to.

What is the town/city of Harrogate like?

Harrogate is clean and safe. There are some lovely shops, cafes and restaurants. We also have a lot of green spaces actually in the town centre.