Patient Carer Community

Home visits

There are two different Home Visits that members of the PCC are involved in.  Both visits are by first year students and are to patients & carers in their own homes.

The first visit takes place around November each year and is part of the students’ Communication Skills training. The students are put into pairs or threes according to their tutor groups and are allocated a patient or carer to visit.  The students must work together to arrange the specific details of the visit with the patient or carer.  After completing their visit, they must present their experiences to the rest of their tutor group and the tutor and they are marked on their reflections.

The idea of this visit is to provide an opportunity for students to practice and develop the skills needed to communicate with patients.  The main purpose of meeting patients in their homes is to allow students to see how a condition can affect a person’s whole life.  Patients & carers would be expected to talk to students about their condition and how that condition has affected their life. 

As students will be visiting you in your home, no expenses are paid for this activity.