Patient Carer Community


PCC members with real experience of mental health illness are involved in the design and delivery of Year 3 Stigma teaching sessions.  Involving PCC members in this teaching really enhances the student experience.

The sessions look back at the history and reality of stigma in mental health:

  • Patients & carers bring real lived experience and that helps to make the learning real for the students 
  • It’s not representative of all patients and carers, but it does provide a unique and interactive learning opportunity 
  • We hope the sessions help to break down some of the students’ fears of engaging with mental health patients and carers 
  • The students get another point of view/perspective and the tutors, coordinators and all staff should try see it from their perspective too 
  • There are times when the patients & carers also make the students think of their own lives too - they need to look after themselves as much as they need to look after patients and carers 
  • The patients and carers challenge stigma

The stigma element of the course is currently being redesigned with the help and support of PCC members.