Patient Carer Community

Simulated patients

Simulated Patients are part of our teaching team and we also work with SPs to deliver students’ practical exams (known as OSCEs).  You can read more about the OSCEs in the Student Assessment section

The Communication Skills team work with SPs to deliver Communication Skills training to second and third year students. The sessions consist of small groups of students (usually 4 or 5 students), a facilitator and a fully trained Simulated Patient.

Students and SPs carry out a role play which is normally pre-constructed by the Communication Skills team and experienced SPs and facilitators.  Each student will take it in turns to interview the ‘Patient’; following each interview, the student will receive feedback from everyone in the room (self, fellow student, facilitator and patient).

To become a Simulated Patient you would normally need to attend one of our Patient Learning Journey’s first.  You will then be paired up with an experienced SP who you will observe and be observed by for a few sessions.  While training you will be able to claim your travel expenses.

Once confident and competent you will be able to work independently and you will normally be paid for any SP work you take part in.