Patient Carer Community


Patient Safety Training using Patient Narratives (NIHR funded RCT)

The aim of this session was to provide an overview of key aspects of patient safety from the patient/carer perspective.  The objectives were to:

  • Introduce trainees to the possible consequences of lapses in patient safety using patient champions who have suffered harm during their care
  • Provide an overview of the elements of safe prescribing including: 
     - Taking a drug history 
     - Having knowledge of pharmacology 
     - Writing prescriptions 
     - Safe dispensing 
     - Understanding the roles of different health professionals in prescribing 
     - Asking for help-using resources such as guidelines and BNF
  • Discuss the importance of communication between health professionals and patients/relatives and amongst different health professionals to ensure patient safety specially in regular and challenging situations
  • Emphasise the importance of team work in ensuring patient safety
  • Introduce the notion of self-awareness including asking for help and recognising self-limitations to promote patient safety

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