Patient Carer Community

Classroom visits

Classroom visits are very similar to home visits but are carried out in the classroom and they do have a slightly different focus. 

The sessions are part of the Communication Skills teaching and are for 1st year students.  They are usually carried out sometime in November. Patients & carers are invited into the University and are asked to talk to small groups of students (not normally larger than 15) about their own experiences of communication with health care professionals and how this may have affected the care received. 

Patients & carers are encouraged to discuss both positive and negative experiences and all sessions will be facilitated by a tutor.

Classroom visits usually last about 1 hour and you will normally be asked to do the same thing twice in one afternoon. Any patient or carer invited to take part in the classroom visit will be required to complete training beforehand and any newcomers to the activity will be paired up in the classroom with someone more experienced.

All volunteers will be provided with refreshments and reimbursed for reasonable travel expenses (please see our Travel Policy for full details).