Equality and inclusion

Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team

The Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team (SAT) oversees the self-assessment process associated with the Athena Swan Charter application. It is chaired by Maisoon Al-Jawad, and the committee is purposefully comprised of men and women who represent a cross section of staff, students and seniority. The Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team receives advice and support from the Equality Policy Unit and Faculty HR. 

The Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team is split into subgroups - these subgroups are organised by a particular topic. The subgroups collectively work on their assigned action points and hold regular meetings in addition to the monthly committee. 

The core members of the Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team are:

Name Role
Alan Mighell Dean of the School of Dentistry
Maisoon Al-Jawad
Chair of the Self-Assessment Team
Head of the Oral Biology Division
Nigel Bubb
Equality and Inclusion Coordinator
Lecturer in Dental Materials
Claire Godfrey Business Manager
David Wood Director of Research and Innovation
Michael Manogue Professor of Dental Education
Gail Douglas Chair in Dental Public Health
Ruth Kayman Research and Innovation Manager
Karen Vinall-Collier Lecturer in Dental Public Health
James Willmoth Human Resources Officer
Julie McDermott Research & Innovation Officer
Samantha Pye Business Management Support Officer (HR)
Thuy Do Associate Professor in Microbiology
Kara Gray-Burrows  Dental Public Health Lecturer
El Mostafa Raif  Lecturer in Tissue Regeneration
Amrit Bhatti Research Assistant
Colette Nicholas  Business Coordinator
Nicola McArthur  Human Resources Manager
Simon Wood Associate Professor in Oral Biology
Vishal Aggarwal Associate Professor (Clinical)
Mohammed Al-Mosawi Oral Biology
Paul Franklin Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow
Asmaa Harfoush Postgraduate Student Representative
Kirti Karavadra Undergraduate Student Representative

If you would like to join the Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team, please email Maisoon Al-Jawad