Equality and inclusion

Staff and student stories

We are proud of our staff and students, and we support them in any way that we can, whether it’s in their careers or student life. You can see some of our staff and student case studies below: 

Fahad Al-Dabbagh and Rasha Albannaa - International PhD Students

We are married international postgraduate students at the School of Dentistry. We are completing our PhD along with our family commitments. We managed to overcome this challenging situation with the support we received by School through the flexible working system and full time access to the lab facilities, which has greatly enhanced our academic progress.

Peggy Baxter - Dental Hygiene & Therapy Tutor and Module Lead

I am a tutor and module lead in the School of Dentistry, and I value the support the School has offered me when completing my Teaching Award and Postgraduate Certificate, as during my studies I was still working four days a week. I appreciate the continued support whilst I currently undertake a part-time master’s degree, which will further enhance ethics teaching across programmes in the School.

Julia Csikar - Lecturer in Dental Public Health

I am a Lecturer in Dental Public Health in the School of Dentistry and a senior manager within Public Health England. The School has supported me so that I could undertake my master’s degree and PhD through enabling flexible working arrangements. This has enhanced my teaching and research activities within the University and strengthened my career opportunities for the future.

Thuy Do - Associate Professor in Microbiology

I am a lecturer in Microbiology in the School of Dentistry, and I value the support the School has offered me with flexible working hours, which has helped me complete my HEA Teaching Award in 2014. This has been beneficial in enhancing the quality of my teaching to undergraduate and postgraduate students, and in particular my role as co-lead of a new taught MSc programme.

Georg Feichtinger - Academic Fellow (Oral Biology)

I have been working at the School of Dentistry as a research fellow and now tenure-track University Academic Fellow for the last 4 years. Throughout my career at the School I have received professional support and training to progress my career, including mentoring by experienced academic staff to guide me on my career path and successfully progress towards a senior academic role within a supportive framework. The School has been particularly supportive of my entrepreneurial ambitions within research and innovation in biomedical sciences, including specific support from the Research and Innovation Services, helping me to progress my research from pilot and scoping studies towards application for patents and interaction with potential commercial partners and end-users of my developed technology.

Flexible working and working from home arrangements have helped me tremendously to integrate all my responsibilities as well as other engagements apart from my academic role. This has enabled me to take part in external activities such as participating in start-up boot camps and pursuing my entrepreneurial ambitions. The supportive and encouraging environment at Leeds has also enabled me to successfully set up a start-up company in a complementary area of research which further supported my progression regarding experience and qualifications necessary for commercial success in the biotechnology start-up sector.

Overall my experience at Leeds has been very positive and stimulating with a high degree of flexibility and professional support for my multiple career ambitions within academia and beyond. The dedicated professional training and support provisions within the School and University are excellent and provided me with all further education I have identified as necessary to confidently and successfully progress towards my primary career goal as a senior academic in the future.

Jing Kang - Lecturer in Biostatistics

I am a lecturer in Biostatistics in the School of Dentistry, and I value the support the School offered me of balanced teaching and research responsibilities, chances to carry out independent research of my interests with start-up funding, and respected my childcare responsibilities with flexible working hours.

Josie Meade - Lecturer in Molecular Immunology

Following appointment to my first academic post, as a lecturer in Immunology, I have valued the development opportunities given to me by the School of Dentistry. Encouragement to undertake a teaching award helped me to develop the skills and confidence for undergraduate teaching. Support to integrate my research within the School was provided by means of start-up funding and collaboration, whilst engagement with independent mentoring supports the balancing of research and teaching roles.

Sarah Myers - Research Technician

I am a research technician within Oral Biology in the School of Dentistry, and I have valued the opportunities the School has provided me with my career development. I have been working in the School for ten years and my role has been adapted and developed as my skills increased. The School has supported me to undertake a NEBOSH Diploma in Health and Safety with both financial support and flexible working. My career path continues to develop with the taking on of manager and health and safety roles.

Sue Pavitt - Professor in Translational & Applied Health Research

I am a Professor in Translational & Applied Health Research in the School of Dentistry. I mentor and coach academic staff providing a springboard to enable them to reach their full potential. I also support those returning to work after career breaks to raise families or from carer responsibilities. I empower individuals to seek pragmatic solutions through - negotiating tailored flexible working arrangements and accessing specific funding schemes to support continued career progression and promotion opportunities.