Biomaterials and tissue engineering

Dentistry biomaterial and tissue engineering at the university of Leeds

Within the Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Research Group we aim to target the repair, regeneration or replacement of skeletal tissues. The group's interests lie primarily, but not exclusively, in bone, cartilage, teeth and complex tissue. Research strands within the group encompass:

  • biomaterial development and characterisation (both traditional dental materials and also scaffolds/constructs for tissue engineering)
  • interactions between biomaterials and cells in vitro and in vivo using a range of animal models
  • comparison of different stem cell populations and the way they respond to environmental triggers such as cytokines and mechanical stimuli
  • molecular mechanisms of ageing
  • non-viral gene therapy for osteochondral tissue engineering.

Responding to clinical need within our School, we are focussed on the maxillofacial and cranial regions of the skeleton, although the approaches we use are transferable to the broader orthopaedic and wound care environment. We are committed to ultimately seeing the translation of our research through to the clinic.

Collaborations and partnerships

We have developed effective research collaborations and knowledge sharing partnerships within a number of related organisations and bodies, both within the wider University and externally in the UK and internationally. In particular, we are heavily involved with the Clothworkers’ Centre for Textile Materials Innovation for Healthcare.’

Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Members:

Research Lead: Professor David Wood

Dr Nigel Bubb

Dr Reem El-Gendy

Dr Flavia Pires Rodrigues 

Dr El Mostafa Raif

Professor Giuseppe Tronci

Dr Xuebin Yang