Dr Xuebin Yang

Dr Xuebin Yang


Primary research theme: Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

Xuebin Yang was appointed to a prestigious University Research Fellowship at the University of Leeds School of Dentistry in 2004, became Head of Tissue Engineering in 2005 and a Principal Research Fellow in 2006 before transferring to a new system with a title of Associate Professor in 2013. He holds honorary/visiting professor positions in Nanjing University, Henan University of Science and Technilogy (HUST), Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, and Invited Professor at Tokyo Women’s Medical University.

He received his first degree in medicine (Luoyang University) in 1984 and an MSc degree in hand surgery (Fudan University) in 1992. He was appointed as a Clinical Lecturer in 1992 and then a Vice-Professor and Associate Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon in clinical orthopaedics in 1995 at Henan University of Science and Technology. From 1998 to 1999, he was an Honorary Hand Fellow in Derbyshire Royal Infirmary. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Southampton after obtaining a PhD in tissue engineering in 2002.

After moving to Leeds in 2004, he set up a tissue engineering initiative at the School of Dentistry. Since then, he has supervised 13 Masters, 22 PhD students (which includes co-supervising students based in King's College London, Imperial College London and University of York), 14 Postdoctoral or visiting Fellows in stem cell therapy and skeletal tissue engineering in vitro and in vivo. He has strong collaborations with top players in UK, Japan, China, USA, India, Australia and New Zealand.

Xuebin Yang is actively involved in some large research programmes (WELMEC, DTC, Regener8, IKC, DenTCRU). He has published 82 papers, 16 book/book chapters with over 200 presentations, 40 keynote/invited talks and 4 patents. He was the Treasurer/Trustee of British Orthopaedic Research Society, a Committee Member of regional/national/international panels, organizing committees and editorial boards.

He had six-years teaching experience in clinical orthopaedics and is the lead for some undergraduate and postgraduate taught modules at Leeds.

Oral Biology Research Areas

Stem cell therapy

Skeletal tissue engineering


the British Council (PI) 2017-2018 International Joint Workshop for Regenerative Dentistry £14.9k\n Welcome Trust (CoI) Thigh-throughput cell seperation in physiologically-relevant media using remote, surface-acousticwave-induced dielectrophoresis for authologous cell therapyies £155k

Research Council UK/China Government Translational research on osteogenic capacity of ABM-P-15/dental pulp stem cells and their application in orthopaedic implanst £25k

EU FP7 IRSES (PI) 2012-16 Skeletal tissue regeneration £180k\n UKIERI (PI) 2013-15 Trilateral research in partnership application £15.6k

Great Britiain Sasakawa Foundation (PI) 2012-14 Osteochondral tissue engineering using Hap scaffold and multi-layer cell sheet technology £9.8k

Royal Society (PI) 2011-13 Repairing bone defect in vivo using multi-layer cell sheet technology £11.8k

Changzhou Municipal Government (PI) 2011 Translational research on osteogenic capacity of ABM-P-15 dental pulp stem cells £88.8k

Technology Strategy Board (PI) 2010-11 Pre-clinical development of a novel technology to improve the cost-effectiveness and clinical uptake of cell-based cartilage repair therapies £15k

Royal Society (PI) 2010 Travel grant £3k

Technology Strategy Board (PI) 2010 Disposable device to produce a serum-based chondrogenic reagent from a patient's own serum sample £11k

N8 (PI) 2009-10 Development of phototherix clinical product concept £12k\n N8 (PI) 2009-10 Follow on study of pancreatic islets £20.8k

WELMEC (Co-I) 2009-14 Regenerative medicine £300k

 N8 (PI) 2009-10 A sustainable quality assured system for assessment of pancreatic islets for product release and transport to geographically distant clinical transplant centres £47.9k

N8 (PI) 2009-10 Characterisation and further development of a novel tissue engineering scaffold vehicle £40.1k

Royal Society (PI) Travel grant £1.5k

Wellcome Trust (PI) VIP award £11k

Current Postgraduate Research Degree Supervision

Elizabeth Kapasa: Bone tissue engineering using multi-layered cell sheet technology

Fahad Al Dabbagh: Periodontal tissue engineering\n Rasha Albannaa Bone tissue engineering using 3D printed scaffolds

Kenny Man: Using Epigenetical approach enhance bone tissue engineering

Rina Osman Basah: Using antimicrobies scaffolds for dental tissue regeneration

Daniel Secker: Spinal cord tissue engineering\n John Brewster Brain tissue engineering

Africa Smith De Diego: Devolopment of novel device for stem cell label-free enrichment

Ahranee Canden: Development of a clinically relevant in vitro model to investigate the effecs of osteochondral defects in the talus

Teaching Areas

Module Lead for Stem Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering and Module Lead for 3rd year undergraduate research project


  • Deputy Pro Dean: International, Faculty of Medicine and Health
  • Director of Postgraduate Research Studies, School of Dentistry
  • School Internationalisation Lead, Head of Tissue Engineering Research

Research interests

Xuebin's research interesting are focused on using human mesenchymal stem cells (e.g. from bone marrow, dental pul, peridontal ligament and adipose tissue) and biomaterials scaffolds (e.g. PLA/PLGA, silk, BioGlass, glass ceramics, 3D printed scaffolds, hydrogel) for skeletal tissue engineering (e.g. bone, cartilage, osteochondral, dental pulp, dentine, peridontal tissues) both in vitro and in vivo.

In collaboration with biologists, he is also working on using signalling pathway, genetic and epigenetical approaches for controling stem cell functionality for enhancing tissue renegeration.

In collaboration with material scientist, he is also interested in developing biomimetic, functional scaffolds for tissue engineering applications.


  • PhD in stem cell therapy and bone tissue engineering, University of Southampton, UK
  • MSc in hand surgery (clinical), Shanghai Medical University (Fudan University), PR China
  • UG in Medicine, Luoyang University, PR China

Professional memberships

  • Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society
  • Tissue and Cell Engineering Society (UK)
  • British Orthopaedic Research Society
  • International Chinese Hard Tissue Society

Student education

Dr Yang is responsible for supervising group work of 3rd Year UG Research Project (DSUR3014), which include literature search, critical appraisal, and annonoted bibliography. He lead on a multidisciplinary PG taught module - ‘Stem cell therapy and tissue engineering’ (DSUR5072M) (10 credits) and deliver four lectures, four hours of tutorials as well as mark the exam papers. Dr Yang has also involved in another PG taught modle - ‘Musculoskeletal Disorders and Regenerative Medicine’ (MEDM3121). He will give 2 lectures and mark the relevant part of the exam papers. In the meantime, Dr Yang developed and led on a new PG taught module – ‘Translation in Musculoskeletal Research’ (DSUR5137M). He will give 2-3 lectures and prepare/finalise the exam paper as well as mark the assignment and exam papers.

Research groups and institutes

  • Biomaterials and tissue engineering
  • Regenerative medicine
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