Equality and inclusion

Self-Assessment Team

The Self-Assessment Team (SAT) oversees the self-assessment process associated with the Athena SWAN application. It is chaired by the Dean of the School of Dentistry, and the committee is purposefully comprised of men and women who represent a cross section of staff and seniority. In addition, the Self-Assessment Team receive advice and support from the Equality Policy Unit.

The core members of the Self-Assessment Team are:


Role in the School

Experiences of work life balance

Anita Blakeston

Project Manager ADVOCATE (Added Value for Oral Health)

Previously post-graduate member of the MaPS Athena Swan steering group, Physics,  Athena Swan SAT, University WiSET committee & MaPS postgraduate committee. Member of NLAG (North Lincs hospitals) Vision and Values (staff culture change) committee. Many years of experience in industry, NHS and public sector of managing people through organisational change. Very committed to women’s agenda and keen to support people to achieve their full potential.

Nigel Bubb
(Data Group Leader)

Lecturer in Dental Materials

F/T, timings of 3h daily commute adjusted to travel out of peak times. Uses University-owned tablet so is able to work whilst travelling.

Deirdre Devine

Professor of Oral Microbiology

F/T, husband also an academic at this University. Has benefitted from flexible working arrangements and the Department was supportive when undertaking phased return after chronic illness.

Gail Douglas

Professor of Dental Public Health

F/T, appreciates the opportunities around flexible working that the University fosters both personally, to facilitate multiple external commitments and travel and on behalf of the P/T staff who she manages.

Lizzie Kapasa
(WiSET Group Leader)

Postgraduate Researcher

F/T, dual career family, informal flexible working, which supports the nature of PGR study alongside an on-going chronic illness. Active in organising and promoting Women in Engineering initiatives, leader of children’s book project to encourage children to study STEM. 

Ruth Kayman

Research and Innovation Manager

F/T, dual career family.  Three children; formal flexible working arrangement facilitates childcare. Took extended maternity leave. Appreciates affordable childcare arrangements.

Julie McDermott

Research and Innovation Officer (0.8 FTE)

P/T, dual career family. Two school-age children. Access to good value car parking and staff discount at University gym helps sense of inclusion. Promoted with support from managers in 2012.

Michael Manogue

Professor of Dental Education

F/T, dual career family, two children, informal flexible working facilitates childcare arrangements.  Completed P/T MSc and PhD supported by University, as a member of staff.

Bridget Miller

Faculty HR Manager

F/T, uses on-site gym facilities to create a balance between work and wellbeing.

Sarah Myers
(Focus Groups Leader)

Research Technician

Working toward promotion with support from managers.  Very active within the University in organising and promoting Women@Leeds which is supported by the Athena SWAN initiative and Technicians’ Network. Access to discounted Metro Card and University gym facilities.

Jinous Tahmassebi

Associate Professor in Paediatric Dentistry

F/T, opportunity for some flexible working hours around long daily travelling of 1.5 hours and 2 school aged children. 

David Wood
(Outcome Measures Group Leader)

Director of Research and Innovation

F/T, dual-career family, one child;  appreciates the opportunities around flexible working and occasional working from home.

Simon Wood

Associate Professor in Oral Biology

F/T, wife is also an employee of UoL; joint flexible working helps work-life balance.  Followed an academic careera and the School supported a 2yr sabbatical to work in US.

Victoria Yorke

Clinical Lecturer for the University

Dental Surgery Programme co-lead and Year 5 Lead

NHS Consultant in Restorative Dentistry

P/T, dual career family, 2 school age children. School supported to return part time after first child was born and worked with the Yorkshire Deanery to support completion of Specialty Training as a flexible trainee. Flexible working facilitates childcare arrangements. Both children attended the University nursery which provides high quality childcare on campus.