How to apply

Finding a project

Many of you will approach your research degree with a subject or specialism in mind. If not, consider the areas within your degree that have interested you the most, or browse or research opportunities for inspiration.

If you wish to start your own research project and have a direction in mind then browse our supervisors to find a member of staff who specialises in your subject area. It’s worth taking the time to find out a little bit about the background and previous projects of our staff to find the most suitable supervisor for your degree.

If you become associated with an ongoing project, then this will already have supervisors associated with it.

Making your application

Because the School of Dentistry is part of the Faculty of Medicine and Health here at Leeds, you'll apply through the Graduate School. You can find out more about the documentation needed in your application by reading the University’s information page.

Finding funding

There are several options available to research students who are looking to fund their project. Projects found from our research project directory will already have funding attached, however if you are launching your own research project then you'll need to explore our funding and scholarship openings. These are the three main areas of funding:

Accepting your offer

If your application is successful then you will receive an offer in the form of a letter. You’ll need to respond to this and can log into our admission portal using your ID and web login PIN.