Equality and inclusion

Equality and Inclusion in the School of Dentistry

The School of Dentistry is committed to equality and inclusion and believes in promoting a culture of inclusion, respect and equality of opportunity for all staff and students. 


The School of Dentistry will advance equality and inclusion by:

  • providing an inclusive environment where everyone feels included and involved;
  • ensuring that our strategies, policies and practices are inclusive to students and staff from all backgrounds;
  • working in partnership with our students and staff to increase engagement around equality and inclusion;
  • providing a clear framework which enables any unwanted conduct, behaviour or practice to be reported and which assures our students and staff of a robust process of investigation and appropriate action;
  • demonstrating senior leadership visibility and accountability for equality and inclusion.


The School of Dentistry aims to deliver the following equality and inclusion themes:

  1. Changing the culture and behaviours: embedding equality and inclusion into all aspects of School business and strategy, promoting an inclusive culture in which students and staff from all backgrounds have a strong sense of belonging and can work creatively and innovatively to achieve their own and the school’s ambitions.
  2. Developing staff and the working environment: attracting, supporting, developing and retaining a talented workforce with increased diversity at all levels.
  3. Supporting students and student education: attracting, supporting, developing and retaining students from both home and international communities, providing an inclusive research-led curriculum and enabling all our students to achieve their future study and career aspirations.
  4. Developing an inclusive research culture: developing and implementing an inclusive research culture and environment.
  5. Providing an accessible infrastructure: enhancing the physical and digital accessibility of our campus to increase opportunities and improve experiences for all.

Equality and Inclusion Committee

The School of Dentistry’s Equality and Inclusion Committee works to proactively implement the University’s Equality and Inclusion Framework, promoting the mainstreaming of equality and inclusion across all areas within the School, striving to influence equality and inclusion agendas and policymakers at local, national and international levels.