Student and alumni profiles

Find out what our current students think about our courses, where our alumni are now and how their experiences at Leeds have helped them in their career.

Name Course Nationality
Alex Stockley Psychology student case study 2018 Alexandra Holgate-Stuckey Psychology BSc
Ali Mair, Alumni, School of Psychology Ali Mair Psychology
Amber Rawcliffe, Alumni, School of Psychology Amber Rawcliffe
Amy Garratt, Alumni, School of Psychology Amy Garratt Psychology
Anastasia Aivatoglou MSc Psychological
Approaches to Health student case study 2018 Anastasia Aivatoglou Psychological Approaches to Health MSc Greek
Anna Alexander, Alumni, School of Psychology Anna Alexander Psychology
Bella Mossad, Alumni, School of Psychology Bella Mossad Psychology
Ben Webster BSc Psychology student case study 400 2018 Benjamin Webster Psychology BSc
Cognitive Development and Disorders MSc Student. Carolina Montañez Valenzuela Cognitive Development and Disorders MSc Mexican
Catherine burgess BSc psychology Alumnus Case Study 2018 Catherine Burgess Psychology BSc
Charlotte Bevan, Alumni, School of Psychology Charlotte Bevan Psychology
Psychology Placement case study Cherly Low 2018 Cheryl Low Psychology BSc
Chloe Waterman Psychology student year abroad case study and testimonial 2018 Chloe Waterman Psychology BSc
Claire cox bsc psychology international study case study Claire Cox Psychology BSc (International)
Psychology student profile Clara Fulton Psychology BSc
Despoina Matziarli  MSc Psychology student case study 400x400 Despoina Matziarli Psychology BSc Greece
Dominic Manwani, Alumni, School of Psychology Dominic Manwani Psychology Swiss
Dominic O'Connor Dominic O'Connor Advanced Psychology MPsyc, BSc
Elizabeth Mckee BSc Psychology student case study 2018 400x400 Elizabeth Mckee Psychology BSc
Emily Beck BSc Psychology year in industry case study 2018 Emily Beck Psychology BSc
Emma Shepley, Alumni, School of Psychology Emma Shepley Psychology
Emmanuel Emmanuel Nii-Boye Quarshie Psychological Sciences Ghanaian
Faisal mushtaq PhD student case study Faisal Mushtaq Psychology BSc
Geoff Snelson, Alumni, School of Psychology Geoff Snelson Psychology
Gina Koutsopoulou, Alumni, School of Psychology Gina Koutsopoulou Psychology
Hannah Jowitt Psychology
Heather Taylor, Alumni, School of Psychology Heather Taylor Psychology
Helen Wakeling, Alumni, School of Psychology Helen Wakeling
Hilary Bekker, Alumni, School of Psychology Hilary Bekker Psychology
Holly mccann student testimonial Holly McCann Advanced Psychology MPsyc, BSc
Isabela Martins Nogueira BSc Psychology international student case study 2018 Isabela Martins Nogueira Psychology BSc Brazilian
Jade psychology 1 Jade Martin Psychology BSc
James Fox, Alumni, School of Psychology James Fox Psychology
Jamie Broadley, Alumni, School of Psychology Jamie Broadley Psychology
Jenni Brookbanks, Alumni, School of Psychology Jenni Brookbanks Psychology
Jihane ghorayerb psychology PhD almnus profile 2018 Jihane Ghorayeb MSc Psychological Approach to Health and PhD candidate
Joel Harratt, Alumni, School of Psychology Joel Harratt Psychology
Kathryn Mills, Alumni, School of Psychology Kathryn Mills
Katie michala bsc psychology alumnus case study 2018 Katie Michala Psychology BSc
Katie Pearson, Alumni, School of Psychology Katie Pearson
Kerrie norris 400 Kerrie Norris Psychology Mpsyc, BSc
Kerry Todd, Alumni, School of Psychology Kerry Todd
Psychology student profile Kirsten Broadhead Psychology BSc
Psychology alumnus case study Kitty Lok 2018 Kitty Lok Psychology BSc Hong Kongese
Lauren Ramsey Lauren Ramsey PhD
Lucie rudge 400 Lucie Rudge Cognitive Development and Disorders MSc
Lucy Fergusson, Alumni, School of Psychology Lucy Fergusson Psychology
Lucy gallagher bsc psychology alumnus case study 2018 Lucy Gallagher Psychology BSc
Lucy James, Alumni, School of Psychology Lucy James Psychology American
Maame Owusu-Ansah BSc Psychology alumnus case study 2018 Maame Owusu-Ansah Psychology BSc
Marc Guitart, Alumni, School of Psychology Marc Guitart Psychology Spanish
Maria Bryant, Alumni, School of Psychology Maria Bryant Psychology
Marina Hramkova, Alumni, School of Psychology Marina Hramkova Psychology BSc and MSc
Megan skelton BSc Psychology study case study 2018 Megan Skelton Psychology BSc
Molly Janes Phillips BSc psychology student with year abroad student case study 2018 Molly Jane Phillips Psychology BSc
Natalie hughes BSc Psychology student case study 2018 Natalie Hughes Psychology BSc
Nick Smith, Alumni, School of Psychology Nick Smith Psychology
Olga Tsigka BSc Psychology international student case study 2018 Olga Tsigka Psychology BSc Greek
Oliver hoenich BSc psychology alumnus cast study 2018 Oliver Hoenich Psychology BSc
Year in industry BSc Psychology Olivia case study and testimonials Olivia Coe
Paul Swainson, Alumni, School of Psychology Paul Swainson Psychology
Phillip Unsworth, Alumni, School of Psychology Phillip Unsworth Psychology
Rachel Quinn, Alumni, School of Psychology Rachel Quinn Psychology
Robyn Bullingham Psychology
Russell Sharp, Alumni, School of Psychology Russell Sharp Psychology
Ruth simms ellis psychology alumus case study 2018 Ruth Simms-Ellis Psychology BSc
Psychological Approaches to Health MSc Student. Samanta García Muñoz Psychological Approaches to Health MSc Mexican
Santi Sulandari Santi Sulandari
Sara Levy, Alumni, School of Psychology Sara Levy Psychology
Scott Sullivan, Alumni, School of Psychology Scott Sullivan Psychology
Psychology student profile Serena Guillemard Psychology BSc
Shalini rughuni Psychology Student case study 2018 Shalini Rughani Psychology BSc
Shenaz Ahmed, Alumni, School of Psychology Shenaz Ahmed Psychology
Sophie Norgrove 1 Sophie Norgrove Psychology BSc
Stephanie Stanton, Alumni, School of Psychology Stephanie Stanton
Sula windgassen BSc Psychology alumnus case study 2018 Sula Windgassen Psychology BSc
Talal musa BSc Psychology alumnus cast study 2018 Talal Musa Psychology BSc
Tianyn wang 400 Tianyu Wang Psychology BSc Singaporean
Tim tze 400 Timothy Wong Jzun Tze Psychology BSc Malaysian
Tmam Al Ghunaim PhD Saudi
Toby Donaldson, Alumni, School of Psychology Toby Donaldson Psychology
Vanessa Karsh BSc Psychology alumnus case study 2018 Vanessa Karsh Psychology BSc
Claire cox BSc Psychology international case study 2018 Vern Mei Pang Psychology BSc Malaysian
Vinami Yulian - International PhD Student Vinami Yulian
Virginia gerazouni BSc Psychology alumnus case study 2018 Virginia Gerazouni Psychology BSc Greek
Yoa zhao Psychology PhD student case study 2018 Yao Zhao MSc Psychological Approach to Health and PhD candidate
Ziyingh liu Ziyingh Liu Psychological Approaches to MSc
Psychology student profile Zoë Tomlinson Psychology BSc