Alex Stockley Psychology student case study 2018

Alexandra Holgate-Stuckey

I especially liked the amount of choice available in terms of modules; the size of the psychology department; and the overall comforting feel from everyone. I was impressed by the Psychology at Leeds module as it was very unique and it gave me an insight into the research the lecturers are doing which could potentially help with deciding which area of Psychology I would want to look further into in the future.

The way everyone’s personalities can be so different due to their social backgrounds or how they developed through infancy interested me. In particular, I have an interest in criminals and whether the way they develop affects their extreme personalities or whether their personalities are different to a regular person’s personality at all.

 So far, my highlight has to be the lecture on Attribution Theory in Social Psychology. Dr Russell Hutter explained the reasoning behind taking shortcuts when we are making attributions and how our opinions of people can change based on this.

In my personal tutor meetings, I can discuss any questions or issues I might be having with the content. In the seminars, the post-graduates helped me with APA formatting, essay writing, practical report writing and presentations. As I am in first year, I am not sure which area of Psychology I would like to work in in the future so I am hoping as I continue on the course I can decide on which module/modules I prefer and then look into work related to those areas.

Look around the campus, go into the Psychology building and talk to lecturers and students if possible. Just try to get a feel for what it is like and if it feels right then it could be the university for you. I love the city of Leeds. It is effortless to get around, the transport is very cheap for students and there is everything you could ever need a 20-minute walk away from the university.