Year abroad

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At Leeds, we offer students a wide range of exciting opportunities to study abroad. This gives you the chance to:

  • discover and experience new cultures
  • learn new perspectives on psychology
  • learn or improve a foreign language 
  • develop your CV and stand out from the competition 

With over 60 University-wide exchanges available the possibilities are endless.

As well as the opportunity to explore new perspectives in psychology, we also offer you the chance to take a Horizon Year. This will allow you to develop your language skills and experience other cultures, and doesn't require you to take modules within your subject area whilst studying abroad. It's also great for personal development and adding something different to your CV.

A world of opportunities

We offer a network of excellent connections with prestigious institutions including four European exchange partners (Belgium, Germany, Norway and Spain) and over 200 international partners outside Europe, such as Australia, Canada, Singapore and the USA.

This means you can choose a destination to suit you - one which will help you develop the skills and international contacts you want, along with providing a potentially life-changing experience.

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About the University's Year Abroad Opportunities