Funding and applying

When it comes to applying for your research degree, the process will vary depending on the circumstances of each candidate but will always include the following: choosing your research project, submitting your application, finding funding and accepting your offer.

The process of applying for a research degree has been neatly broken down in our guide below, along with details of our eligibility criteria and what to consider when making your application. You can find more information about applying for a research degree through our Faculty's Graduate School. 

Locating a research project and your supervisor

In order to apply for a research degree, you’ll need to find a supervisor and be attached to a research project. You can do this by searching our existing research opportunities, or by browsing our staff list and contacting a supervisor about starting your own research project.

Funding your research degree

Funding for PhD studies in the School of Psychology comes from a variety of sources including overseas universities or governments, industry, scholarships and private funding.

Some students have already secured funding when they apply to the School, however many are looking for funding to support their studies. The funding you may be able to apply for will often vary according to your nationality and the area of research you wish to undertake.

You will need to have funding to cover the cost of your fees and your living expenses. You may also need to cover the cost of any research expenses, such as fieldwork or lab costs, if your funding does not include these.

Within the School of Psychology, we’re proud to be able to offer scholarship opportunities for those studying for research degrees. You can also search the postgraduate scholarship database, for University-wide scholarships or visit our information page for an overview of funding options.

Submitting an application

Formal applications for research degree study should be made online. Please complete the application form as fully as you can, ensuring you complete the following sections:

  • your expected source of funding
  • grade(s) or degree classification(s) for your degree-level qualifications
  • your proposed research area
  • a brief one-paragraph summary of your research interests or proposed topic.

We cannot normally consider your application without this information.

Please also ensure you upload or provide the following documents:

  • copies of your degree certificate(s)
  • transcripts of marks achieved in degree-level qualifications
  • evidence of English language qualifications
  • references if available (alternatively, the Faculty will contact your named academic referees directly).

If these documents are not available, please provide them at the earliest opportunity, as we cannot usually make an offer without them. If possible, please include a CV (this will provide invaluable information as to work experience and publications) and a research proposal. And finally, please state on the application form your proposed supervisor(s).

For more information about applying, please contact our Deputy Director for PGR Studies, Alison Fildes or our Faculty Admissions Team