Careers and employability

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We think it's important that our courses place a real emphasis on your employability and future career. As a postgraduate, the specialised nature of your study means you'll have tailored support and guidance from us when studying here. The result is you'll leave us well equipped to pursue your chosen career path.

Leeds has a track record of producing excellently prepared graduates, which may be why we’re in the top 10 most targeted universities by graduate employers. Our dedicated career support comes from a number of sources, including through our Careers Centre and through our Leeds for Life University-wide initiative. 

Masters level career support through Leeds for Life

Leeds for Life is a key element of the career support we offer. Through it, you’ll be able to arrange your personal tutor appointments and set the agenda for your meetings. This means you'll receive personalised support to suit your career goals and ambitions.

Leeds for Life also helps you plan your time. From organising volunteering and placement opportunities, to accessing our language exchange if you want to develop skills in a second language, Leeds for Life helps you keep track of everything.

Our alumni network is another important feature. With over 250,000 people from over 180 countries, this is an excellent resource for Masters students looking to build real-world connections within their future professions.

Standing out from the competition

Our two Masters courses are carefully designed to allow you to develop the advanced skills currently sought after by employers around the world. You’ll gain insight and understanding in the latest areas of research as well as experience in working across our excellent facilities. This combination of insight and experience will help you stand out from other graduates.


At Leeds, you'll also have the opportunity to develop with our library. Our library offers a wide range of support to all our students to help you sharpen your skills. From academic reading advice to tips on referencing and presentation skills, you'll benefit from extensive online resources and workshops designed specifically to help you.

Career paths from our courses

Psychological Approaches to Health is a great course for those interested in areas such healthcare, research, or clinical psychology. The versatility of the transferable skills you'll develop within the course also means you'll leave with the qualities needed to help you build a successful career in a variety of professions in both the public and private sectors.

Cognitive Development and Disorders is better suited to those interested in areas including research, clinical or educational psychology. The specialised knowledge and skills you'll develop mean you'll leave with a strong foundation for careers across the public and private sectors.

Many of those who complete our Masters courses also choose to specialise and study further, by staying in education to pursue a PhD. Find out more about research opportunities at the University of Leeds by visiting our research degrees section. 

Preparing for further study

For those considering further study, we also offer comprehensive research training to prepare you while you complete your current course at Leeds. This training includes workshops on writing research proposals and applications for grant funding – excellent preparation for either further research or employment after you graduate.