Student awards

Civic Awards

The Civic Awards are our opportunity to recognise and celebrate outstanding contributions from our students to the School, University or wider community.

We also like to highlight personal development and achievements from our students. The Civic Awards are open to undergraduate, Masters and research postgraduate students in the School of Psychology.

What areas are considered for the Civic Awards?

Areas covered include:
  • volunteering
  • university committee and society contributions
  • research apprenticeships
  • student support
  • achievements during year abroad or year in industry
  • excellent teaching and support from postgraduate researchers

Recognising significant personal development and achievement

A the School of Psychology, we believe it's important to celebrate your personal development and achievement. The awards can also be a valuable addition to future professional and educational applications.

Winners are recognised in the second semester with past awards including:

  • Inspirational role model
  • Outstanding contribution to open days and applicant events
  • Outstanding contribution to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching
  • Outstanding contribution to student support
  • Outstanding contribution to student communication
  • Outstanding contribution to student employability
  • Outstanding contribution to research
  • Outstanding contribution to peer mentoring
  • Outstanding contribution to equality and inclusion

The Nick Almond Prize

The School of Psychology has recognised former severely disabled student, Nick Almond with a prize to honour his memory. Nick suffered from cerebral palsy due to medical negligence at birth, and throughout his entire life Nick was unable to make any voluntary movements; he was entirely dependent on others for all his needs. In spite of seemingly overwhelming obstacles Nick was always a very positive person and refused to feel sorry for himself. Nick was gracious, warm and humorous, and he made the social environment better for everyone. He had exceptional cognitive skills and he was successful in completing his BSc (Hons) in Psychology and later a PhD in Cognitive Neuropsychology at the School. He also campaigned actively on behalf of people with disabilities. Nick was a truly unique human being, and the prize is awarded annually to an exceptional student who displays some of the qualities that Nick exemplified throughout his life which include:

  • Academic commitment
  • Positive human values reflecting equality and diversity
  • Contributions to society