Research in the Psychology of Student Education

The Research in the Psychology of Student Education (RitPoSE) group conducts impactful research to support learning in Higher Education. They adopt robust scientific research methodology using a psychological focus to understand and disseminate knowledge of student education.

Our work broadly focuses on the following topics:

·      Global Citizenship across the curriculum

Members of RitPoSE are conducting a LITE Fellowship which explores global citizenship across the curriculum. This fellowship will create a toolkit that will facilitate the implementation of a global citizenship education at a programme and module level. The toolkit will inspire, provide practical guidance, and pedagogical evidence for global citizenship approach to education, and assist educators in implementing a global citizenship education.

·      Uncovering the hidden curriculum

We are working in collaboration with the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) to develop resources for students to uncover the 'hidden curriculum’ of university, through development of a student-facing glossary, which aims to ease transitions to university.

·      Perceptions of psychological literacy

In collaboration with researchers at the University of Adelaide, our work on psychological literacy broadly explores how students and staff relate to this concept and what best practice looks like in teaching and learning contexts.

·      Online learning communities

Members of RitPoSE are working on a large-scale qualitative project which explores student’s perceptions of learning community in an online context. This work involves surveys and student-led focus groups to investigate how learning community can be promoted in online teaching.

·      Open research in psychology curricula

RitPoSE works with other organisations, including the Framework for Open and Reproducible Research Training (FORRT) and the Researchers of Statistics Education (RoSE) Network to explore how open research can be effectively embedded in psychology curricula. This work is aligned with the Leeds Open Research team.

You can keep up-to-date with our research via our Twitter account.

Facilities and Resources

The School of Psychology has a wide range of specialised facilities and resources available for research projects.


Dr Pam Birtill
Dr Charity Brown
Dr Melanie Burke
Dr Rachel Coats
Dr Tiina Eilola
Professor Jason Halford
Dr Richard Harris
Dr Jelena Havelka
Professor Marion Hetherington
Dr Liam Hill
Michael Jestico
Olivia Jones
Dr Gina Koutsopoulou
Madeleine Pownall (Group Lead)
Lucy Prodgers
Karen Arzate Quintanilla
Dr Christina Sotiropoulou Drosopoulou
Dr Ed Sutherland
Elizabeth Travis