Research in the Psychology of Student Education

The Research in the Psychology of Student Education (RitPoSE) group conducts impactful research to support learning in Higher Education. They adopt robust scientific research methodology using a psychological focus to understand and disseminate knowledge of student education.

Our work currently focuses on the following issues:

  • Understanding student responses to feedback
    Here we want to understand how students respond to their feedback. In particular, we are interested in students’ emotional responses which may be fundamental in understanding how students engage with their feedback. Our ultimate aim is to develop and test optimal mechanisms for the delivery of feedback.
  • Understanding mental health in the student population
    We are keen to identify mechanisms that underpin mental health issues in Higher Education. For example, are the increases in mental health issues specific to the student population in Higher Education? How does experiencing poor mental health impact on degree performance? The ultimate aim of this work is to develop, and test remediation strategies targeted at reducing poor mental health in Higher Education.
  • Predictors of student success
    We are interested in what factors underlie students’ degree performances. By better understanding what underpins student attainment we can better understand how we can add value to a student's learning experience.

You can keep up-to-date with our research via our Twitter account.

Facilities and Resources

The School of Psychology has a wide range of specialised facilities and resources available for research projects.


Dr Pam Birtill
Dr Charity Brown
Dr Tiina Eilola
Dr Richard Harris
Dr Jelena Havelka
Madeleine Pownall (Chair)