Dr Liam JB Hill

Dr Liam JB Hill


I am a developmental psychologist whose work seeks to advance our understanding of the inter-related nature of academic attainment, mental health and cognitive and motor development. Equally, I am passionate about applying our growing knowledge about these relationships to the development and evaluation of innovative methods for improving the quality of support we provide children, with and without developmental difficulties, as they learn. 

Between 2006-2012, whilst studying at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland) I attained my MA in Psychology, an MSc in Health Service and Public Health Research and most recently my PhD in Child Health. Working with Dr Justin HG Williams, Dr Lorna Aucott and Prof Mark Mon-Williams, I submitted my doctoral thesis in 2012, entitled: “The development of a visuomotor task for measuring attentive functioning and its application to assessing the impact of exercise on childhood attention”  

Between 2012-2014 I carried on my research as an post-doc, beginning to work closely with the Born in Bradford Longitudinal Birth Cohort study to develop and evaluate methods that could be used in home, clinic and school settings to: (1) assess digitally children's motor and cognitive performance and (2) intervene with robotic haptic systems to support children with motor-learning difficulties. 

Following this very rewarding work, I attained a permanent lectureship at the School of Psychology, University of Leeds. Presently I am also part-funded by Born in Bradford to continue to collaborate with them on this exciting, internationally important lifecourse study.  

Research interests

My research investigates motor development and how it interacts and influences cognitive development, academic attainment and mental health, particularly during the early stages of childhood development. I have particular experience in using technological innovation to develop better approaches for assessing and intervening within schools, clinics and community environments. I am also increasingly interested in understanding how inherited, environmental factors (genetic, socioeconomic, cultural) and physical health shape the context within which development takes place and its eventual outcomes. Ultimately my work aims to improve the support we provide to children, both with and without developmental difficulties, as they learn the fundamentally important social, cognitive and motor skills that underpin health, wellbeing and academic success.  

Currently, my research involves collaborating closely with the Born in Bradford Longitudinal Birth Cohort study, as well as several other UK based cohort studies including the ECHO study. I also work closely with Bradford Education on a number of school-based intervention projects, with my work having been supported by funding from the UK’s Medical Research Council, Economic and Social Research Council, Department for Education, National Institute for Health Research, Educational Endowment Foundation and Waterloo Foundation


  • PhD Child Health
  • MSc Public Health & Health Services
  • MA Psychology

Student education

I teach introductory to advanced research methods and statistics at both undergraduate and masters level and supervise final year undergraduate research projects.

At undergraduate level I also I lecture on developmental psychology, principally motor skill development and neurodevelopmental disorders and their diagnosis, and I am a personal tutor.

Lastly, I supervise several PhD students currently, whom all work on the research project related to the Born in Bradford project 

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