Dr Richard Harris

Dr Richard Harris


Richard Harris is a lecturer in cognitive neuroscience with an interest in face processing and neuroplasticity. I gained my PhD at the Univeristy of York, and following this I have research postioons at the Institute of Psychiarty, Kings College London, and University of Adelaide, Australia. 


  • Admissions Tutor
  • Chair of Mitigating Circumstances
  • Disability Tutor

Research interests

My research interesting are divided into two general themes. Previously, I have investigated the neural representation of facial expression and identity. More recently, my interests have involved using TMS-EEG to investigate the relationship between neuroplasticity and cognitive performance.


  • PhD
  • BSc in Psychology

Student education

My teaching responsibilities include Module Leader for Biological Psychology and Face Perception. I also teach on the Psychology in the Media module, and Research Skills.