Cognitive Development and Disorders MSc Student.

Carolina Montañez Valenzuela

I studied a Masters degree (Cognitive Development and Disorders). I chose that course because when I was studying my last year of Bachelor’s I did social service at a Psychiatric Hospital and I realized that there were not the best methods and therapies to help patients in Mexico. I wanted to become a specialist and have top knowledge and practical skills to help people with psychiatric disorders and cognitive problems that need rehabilitation. But when I finished my Masters, I found a world of options in which I could apply Neuropsychological methodologies which were not necessarily the clinical.

I got a lot of support from all the Lecturers, Tutors and Staff because at the beginning was a bit difficult to reach the English and Statistics knowledge level of my classmates (I was the only non-native English speaker in my course). But with a lot of work and studying by the second month of lectures I was feeling more comfortable.

This course and this University gave me the best tools and professional training to reach the job I have now. I’m working as a User Experience (UX) Researcher at Walmart International (Mexico City) I help the UX team to improve the use of e-Commerce products by understanding users' behaviour, needs and motivations through experimental and observational research methods. Just by having the opportunity to work in a global environment and compete with people from first world countries I completely recommend to study at the School of Psychology at the University of Leeds.