Elizabeth Mckee BSc Psychology student case study 2018 400x400

Elizabeth Mckee

Psychology can be defined as the scientific study of the human mind and its function, especially those affecting behaviour in a given context. The prospect of understanding why people may act and think they way they do absolutely fascinates me as it permeates every aspect of life.

The way in which the psychology course is structured at the University of Leeds suits my learning style: a wide variety of teaching opportunities accompanied by several different assessment styles. A central feature of the department research programme is behaviour change. Many students are anxious about learning the statistical tests that come with training to be a psychologist. The research skills modules are structured in a way to help all students cultivate a strong mathematical skills set: set by step tutorials (with help at hand!) that accompany the lectures are a real asset. My training at Leeds has been multifaceted. I have developed my skills in aligned with the Leeds for Life core skills programme. Going forward to graduate scheme applications I can refer to this tool, which serves as a timeline for my achievements, when applying. As a Leeds student I also have access to The Leeds Network of past alumni who can offer support, advice or even work shadowing in any field

Coming to Leeds allowed me to pursue my passion of understanding how to investigate health behaviour change with leading experts. My dissertation excites me as I am able to speak with, discuss and debate issues surrounding my topic with experts in my chosen field.

Coming to University is an investment in yourself and your future. The University of Leeds has a myriad of opportunities to help you develop during your time here, both academically and as an individual.