Anastasia Aivatoglou MSc Psychological
Approaches to Health student case study 2018

Anastasia Aivatoglou

I chose the School of Psychology at the University of Leeds as my tutors in my country recommended it to me. It is also one of the most exciting and high ranked universities in the UK.

I chose this course as being a health psychologist is one of my ambitions. Studying in depth this particular field will help me improve my knowledge and increase my critical thinking skills. 

The highlight of the programme is a module called “Health Behaviour Change: Theories, Methods and Interventions”. This module brings the student in touch with the actual way of helping people improve their lives. However, I think there are much more to come in the next semester.

All modules are interesting and can teach students valuable skills. However, I am quite interested in modules and projects that involve interactional activities in which you have the chance to co-operate and meet other students. The knowledge that I will get from my course, will be I huge aid to my further work life. Also, the fact that In the university I will get to meet plenty of people to exchange ideas and work practices, will fully prepare me for my future as a psychologist.

I highly recommend the University of Leeds to someone thinking of study in the UK. It is a friendly community, willing to support people from different backgrounds, that offer a wide range of opportunities to the students. Also, Leeds is a beautiful and peaceful city, full of green areas and shopping opportunities. Also, it has a relatively cheap lifestyle and there are a lot of students coming from different socioeconomic backgrounds.