Bella Mossad, Alumni, School of Psychology

Bella Mossad

I got into my current role through volunteering in a care home and helped to run a computer class for older adults whilst at university, organised by the university. I started working in community care in Wigan once I had graduated. Firstly as a homecare carer for older adults, then as an activity coordinator in a community based residential mental health facility. Unfortunately, I was extremely underwhelmed by the services being provided in my community. In both places of work I whistleblew and had to report abuse. I then took some time out from care work and moved to Spain and worked as a chef for a year. I then came back to Wigan and hired a business coach and started my own business, 'BellaCare' in 2015. I provide high quality, person-centered care for older adults in their own homes in my community, specialising in dementia care. I aim to promote independence wherever possible. I am a voluntary dementia championship for the Alzheimer's Society, I deliver dementia awareness sessions in my community to schools, GPs, businesses, community groups and the general public. I also chair a dementia friends network in my community, meeting with councillors, council workers, GPs, Age UK, Alzheimer's Society, carers groups and the general public.

The psychology department specialised in memory and its disorders whilst I studied there and that's what sparked my interest in dementia. What I learned about memory and the brain informs my approach to caring for those with memory disorders.

The advice I would give myself now whilst studying would be to enjoy it while it lasts!