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Leeds Institute of Medical Research at St James's

Leeds Institute of Medical Research at St James's

At the Leeds Institute of Medical Research (LIMR) at St. James’s, we investigate the causes and treatment of disease at the level of molecules, cells, patients and populations. 

Our research interests include the genetics, genomics and cell biology of disease, haematology and immunology, cancer research (from basic biology through to clinical trials and outcomes research), gastroenterology, surgery and pathology and the use and integration of big data sets into these problems.

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Pam Jones
Staff | Institute Director
"Rapidly changing healthcare needs drive our research into prevention, diagnosis, treatment and improved outcomes, and the training of our future doctors and scientists to be adaptive to new treatments, technologies and ways of delivering care"

Postgraduate research opportunities

The Institute encourages researchers to approach us with their ideas for research projects. If we have funded/non-funded research degree opportunities or scholarships available we will advertise them on the Faculty's postgraduate research opportunities directory.