EXSEL at Leeds

Scholars and awards

As an EXSEL scholar you will start the scholarship in June of your 2nd year on the MBChB programme. EXSEL provides a bursary to Scholars from the end of year 2 and each subsequent year (including your intercalated year at Leeds) until the scholar graduates.  

You will meet monthly with the two EXSEL directors and other EXSEL scholars to review, discuss and showcase your work. Under the supervision of the EXSEL Directors and research mentors, you will develop valuable research, personal skills, contacts and a portfolio of project work that will support your future clinical career. 

When travelling to undertake EXSEL projects you will act as an ambassador for the Leeds School of Medicine. 

Current Scholars

MBChB Year 5 EXSEL Scholars

Joe Hart 
James Manning 
Tobias Mill 
James Nicholson 
Millie Mitchell-Gears 
Badria Alkazemi 
Carolina Franco Da Silva   

MBChB Year 4 EXSEL Scholars

Sam Peat 
Harry Jamson 
Seerat Shirazi

Intercalating EXSEL Scholars

Penny Sucharitkul 
Kaiwen Wang  

Year 3 EXSEL Scholars

Alice Barber 
Megan Heague 
Eden Page 
Precious Jolugbo

Year 2 EXSEL Scholars

Adithi Randeni 
Alna Dony 
Nishan Brooks 
Oluwanilo Awoloto  



Dr Dahlia Abdul-Rahman  Dr Aisha Ismail Dr Karl Roberts
Dr Mais Al-Hity  Dr Christopher Jones Dr Simon Romaine
Dr Junaid Azam Dr Iain Kennedy Dr Gemma Sheehan-Dare
Dr Lakshmanan Arunachalam Dr Omar Khalil Dr Dhakshana Sivayoganathan
Dr Jonathan Batty Dr Mehvish Khatoon Dr Kate Sutton
Dr Aladeen Bekhit Dr Cindy Kim Dr James Thomas
Dr Trusha Bhatt Dr Josh Leader Dr Emily Wright
Dr Sunil Bhopal Dr Christopher Lewis Dr Rini Vyas
Dr Mary Booth Dr Peter Mackley  Dr Matt Goldsworthy
Dr Paul Bramley Dr Barbara Onen Dr Elle Green
Dr Laure Bretsztajn Dr Peter Mackley Dr Jack Helliwell
Dr Euan Bright Dr Barbara Onen Dr Lauren Mecia
Dr Hannah Chamberlain Dr Nic Orsi Dr Thomas Shanahan
Dr Elisabeth Edstam Dr Prianka Padmanathan Dr Ngoni Zava
Dr Benjamin Green Dr Tejal Parekh Dr Ciaran Kennedy
Dr James Gupta Dr Gayatri Raghuram Dr Saman Mukhtar
Dr Will Stevens Dr Oliver Richards  
Dr Emily Salt Dr Lubiana Shabeer  


The GRACE (Giving, Receiving, Aiding) Award

Giving, receiving, aiding award 

The GRACE (Giving, receiving, aiding) award is given annually to an EXSEL scholar to enable them to travel to a host organisation to conduct humanitarian work. 

Normally one GRACE award is presented each year to an EXSEL Scholar that has demonstrated a student instigated project (SIP) or initiative. 

The aim of GRACE is to provide an award within which the scholar is able to demonstrate innovation, creativity and a strong sense of social responsibility. 

The GRACE award will enable the scholar to: 

  • Acquire a global mind-set 

  • Develop and implement social responsibility 

  • Understand how in the process of 'giving', one also 'receives 

  • Develop leadership skills whilst working on the project 

The GRACE award is sponsored by Xiros plc, a Leeds-based company which makes medical textile implants. 

The LEAD (Leadership, Enterprise and Academic Development) Award

The LEAD (Leadership, Enterprise and Academic Development) award is presented annually to an EXSEL scholar to enable them to undertake research at prestigious university research centres in the UK and abroad 

Normally one LEAD award is presented each year to an EXSEL Scholar that has demonstrated a student instigated project (SIP) or initiative. 

The LEAD award will enable the scholar to: 

  • Self-design an activity which will stimulate independent thought and action 

  • Enhance research and analytical skills 

  • Cultivate new contacts and networking opportunities  

  • Develop leadership and enterprise skills 


EXSEL scholar 


Funded by Leeds School of Medicine 


Badria Alkazemi 

McGill University, Canada 


Millie Mitchell-Gears 

Harvard Medical School, USA 


Lubiana Shabeer 

Johns Hopkins University, USA 


James Manning 

Harvard Medical School, USA 


Joe Hart 

Mayo Clinic, USA 


Emily Salt 

Harvard Medical School, USA 


Matthew Goldsworthy 

Harvard Medical School, USA 


Dr Christopher Jones 

Harvard Medical School, USA 


Dr Thomas Shanahan 

Johns Hopkins University, USA 


Dr Jack Helliwell 

Yale School of Medicine, USA 


Dr Rini Vyas 

Johns Hopkins University, USA 


Dr Kate Sutton 

Genentech, California, USA 

Funded by the University of Leeds Alumni Annual Fund 


Dr Jonathan Batty 

Leicester (UK), Framingham (USA) and Harvard (USA) 


Dr Iain Kennedy 

Sri Lanka 


Dr Nic Orsi 

Harvard, USA